Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 11: Renom Roulette

Today seemed like it would be a chill day in the Big Brother house especially because the houseguests got to sleep in a little. The backyard was also open, which usually means less game talk and more trying to get a tan talk. However, this day was full of action. We had flip flopping all around about this week’s potential nominees and target.

Jack Matthews definitely isn’t as smooth as he would like to believe, because he has already gotten on many people’s radars, especially his eight person power alliance. Head of Household Christie Murphy, Holly Allen, and Analyse Talavera were especially tired of his behavior. Jack made himself an even bigger target when he cornered Kathryn Dunn and tried to force her to confirm some information that Jackson Michie gave him.

The information had the potential to hurt either Kemi Fakunle or Christie’s game. Kat told Jackson that Christie had revealed to her that Kemi said Jack was the one that approached her to talk. Jack had told Christie originally that it was Kemi who approached him. Christie also told Jack that Kemi confirmed what he said. So when he was presented with an alternative story from Jackson (via Kat), he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

He started to interrogate Kat, which just got her flustered. She tried to cover up as much as possible, but Jack was now suspicious of all three women. He then told Kat to not tell anyone else about this conversation. Of course, she told Holly. Holly and her then discussed how they really wanted Jack out of the game. They also brought up Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang. Holly sees how good and smart Nick is at the game.

She wants to get Jack and him out soon as possible. Holly and Kat just don’t think they currently have the votes to make either eviction happen. Christie has some more conversations with players like Nicole Anthony and decides to not try to backdoor Kemi.

She said she doesn’t feel right about it, and she feels like if she takes out Kemi, it’s playing for Jack, not herself. Christie then talks to Veto holder Sam Smith. She tells him that she feels bad about taking out Kat, but Kemi came here to play, and she doesn’t think Kat came for those reasons. She also thinks that Kat would be just a number for Jack’s side, and not a piece for her game.

All day Jack has questioned Nick, and Christie brought that up with her talk with Sam. One theme of this day was Christie basically giving out way too much information to people not in her alliance. By nearly the end of her conversation with Sam, they decided they didn’t have the votes to evict Jack. They also that it was best for Sam not to use the Veto.

They would tell this to Cliff at the last minute, to not freak him out. Then it shifted to a discussion about maybe putting up Ovi Kabir and taking him out this week instead of Kat.

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