Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 10: The Cracks in the Eight Get Stronger

The Big Brother 21 backyard opened, which meant less game talk and more sun soaking. The Big Brother houseguests better enjoy their down time now, because drama is sure to kickoff once Cliff Hogg III comes off the block and Kemi Fakunle goes up in his place. Despite Christie Murphy doubting her plan to nominate Kemi, she seems to be trying to stay the course. She even talked with her alliance to see if she should really try to take out Kemi this week, and Jack Matthews assured her that this is the best move and plan.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds-Day 10

Christie wasn’t the only one wondering if taking Kemi out was really the best move. Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen discussed Isabella Wang and whether she was playing a more manipulative game than people suspected. Holly later told Analyse Talavera that she was worried that Bella was throwing the blame on Kemi, but was the real one they need to watch out for in the Big Brother game.

Analyse and Holly also discussed Jack again and agreed they wanted to get him out first in their power eight alliance. They knew all the guys followed him, and that he had a lot more control of the house than he wanted people to think. They were just worried how Christie would take it if they took him out. Meanwhile, Christie told Jack her concern about people seeing them as a duo. She still wanted to go to the final three with him and Tommy Bracco, but she needed to distance herself to lessen their target.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds-Day 10

Kemi told Nicole Anthony that she was being paranoid and worried that she might get backdoored. Nicole said she would understand why Sam Smith would use the Veto. Later, Christie said that she would still pretend that Kat was the target to not raise Kemi’s suspicions, but she would have to let Kat know the truth so she didn’t fly off the handle.

The day started a little peaceful with Cliff just talking to the camera and his family. He discussed his views on the players and the game. He compared the game to Lord of the Flies, how people turn on each other in times of pressure, and how it brings out the best and worst of people. He also mentioned Tommy being the player to watch. He also said that he hoped he was doing the old people proud.

Later in the night, Jack was seen talking to Kemi, and it made paranoia hit both Christie and Kat. Jackson then worked to calm everyone down and keep the target on Kemi.

Bella and Nick started to discuss getting rid of Kat over Kemi because she was a number for their side, and Kat was a number for Jackson. Kat started to figure this out. The eight had a meeting and they realized that Bella and Nick might be working against them as well. They discussed replacing them in the alliance with Cliff and Kat.

Despite the new distrust of Nick and Bella, Jack wanted to keep them safe and in the alliance. By the end of the night, the plan was still on to take out Kemi this week. However with the alliance division, it could really go either way with Kat and Kemi.

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