Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 9 Fast Forward Eviction Surprise!

The Big Brother 14 houseguests were thrown for a loop on Wednesday when they found out there would be a Fast Forward eviction this week. They had to know something was coming, since there are far too many hamsters left in the Big Brother 14 house and too little time until the finally. However, they didn’t know what or when, so it should be a fun, drama-filled episode tonight when we find out who was evicted on Big Brother 14 in the Fast Forward.


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 9 Fast Forward eviction show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

On CBS Big Brother 14 tonight, we’ll have a switch up of the usual Wednesday night show. CBS has thrown in a last minute twist, putting the Big Brother 14 house into ‘Fast Forward’ on Tuesday. That means we’ll have one less houseguest by the end of the night as one of the two hamsters on the block will be going home. We have a pretty good idea who it will be, but there is always a chance something unexpected will happen at the last minute.

After the eviction, we should also have a new Head of Household Competition and new nominations, although it is possible we won’t find out all the results until after the show on the Big Brother live feeds. We’ll bring you all the Big Brother 14 spoilers on those as soon as we have them, of course.

Meanwhile, let’s get started with our CBS Big Brother 14 live recap of the Fast Forward eviction show and watch the madness unfold!

The show kicks off with host Julie Chen announcing to the Big Brother 14 houseguests that there will be a special, surprise eviction. Up on the block currently are Jenn Arroyo and Shane Meaney. Dan Gheesling is hoping to be able to get Shane out but it all depends on who wins the Power of Veto.

Jenn Arroyo is the only remaining houseguest who is not a member of the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance, but Dan honestly doesn’t really care about the alliance as a whole. He really would prefer to go to the final three with Danielle Murphree and Jenn as it would give him the best chance of winning the game. His hope is to get Shane Meaney and Ian Terry out of the house in the next two evictions.

Dan tells Jenn he wants Shane out. Danielle tells Jenn she thinks that Shane has just been using her and doesn’t really like her that way after all (duh, everyone watching the Big Brother live feeds is very aware of that fact).

At the Veto Competition, the houseguests have to put together a puzzle while dealing with a ticking time bomb that can blow their pieces apart.

The winner of the Power of Veto is Shane Meaney. (I would have though Ian Terry would maybe have that one, but Shane is a PoV champ.) He wins not only the PoV, but also a luxury gift. He gets to choose one person in the house to take out with him into the real world for a night. He chooses to take Danielle, his no-mance girl. They get to meet the fantastic five US Gymnastics gold champions and watch them in action. Danielle is back to worsphipping Shane and mooning all over him. Sigh.

At the Veto Meeting, Shane Meaney announces he will use the Power of Veto to take himself off the eviction block. Feeling loyal to his Quack Pack allies, Ian puts up Danielle Murphree as a pawn replacement nominee. This should be a quick eviction of Jenn Arroyo now as neither Dan or Shane is going to vote against Danielle at this point in the game.

At the eviction, both Dan and Shane vote to evict Jenn Arroyo and she is evicted from the Big Brother 14 house. Poor Jenn doesn’t even get the usual evicted houseguest treatment. Her eviction is rushed and she doesn’t even get parting messages from the other players because they were taken by surprise with having an extra eviction a day earlier than the usual one.

Now we have a quick Head of Household Competition to determine who will have the power to nominate the next two houseguests for eviction. The competition is a true/false question challenge based on photographs the houseguests looked at earlier in the day. Again, it looks like a competition Ian Terry should be good at, but once again he fails to take it home, leaving Danielle Murphree with the win after a tie-breaker.

Danielle Murphree is the new Head of Household and will be guaranteed a spot in the final three on Big Brother 14. That’s all for the CBS Big Brother 14 show tonight, but the drama will continue on the Big Brother 14 live feeds later tonight with the new nominations being announced. We’ll bring you the results of the nominations, Power of Veto Competition and Power of Veto Ceremony as soon as we have them!

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