Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Meet the Season 16 Cast!

The Big Brother 2014 cast has at last been revealed in the most anticipated pre-season Big Brother spoilers announcement of the year. Despite all the rumors about veterans returning this season, it turns out it was all a bunch of gossip and BS. Once again, we have an all newbie Big Brother 16 cast this season!

Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)

Speculation had been running rampant the past few weeks on what the ‘theme’ of the new Big Brother cast will be all about. Some Big Brother veterans mysteriously went missing on their social media feeds, or were caught posting fake travel pictures. This led to mass rumors of veterans on the Big Brother 16 cast or possibly another All-Stars season. Or maybe… those vets were just trolling the fans for laughs or as part of a distraction strategy coordinated by CBS to hide the real cast?

Apparently that’s exactly what they were doing, because when the official Big Brother 2014 cast was finally unveiled, there wasn’t a single veteran among them.

Finally, it’s time for the rumors, gossip, and speculation to be over and the real Big Brother 2014 cast to be thrown to the wolves of the fans and media! We present to you, the official cast of Big Brother season 16!

Big Brother 2014 Houseguests (click thumbnails for larger photos)

We will have full Big Brother 16 cast profiles and interviews with the Houseguests coming very soon! Stay tuned at

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