Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 5 Head Of Household Results (08/05/21)

The Big Brother 23 Week 5 Head of Household Competition is one of the most anticipated ones of the season. It’s the first endurance HOH competition. We’ve been waiting to see who may have the stamina, skills, heart, and strength to last for hours in a Big Brother endurance competition. This is also a major Big Brother 23 Head of Household competition because it’s the first one after the teams twist has ended. This means every Big Brother player for him or herself. 

Big Brother 23 Week 5 HOH

The Big Brother 23 players most as risk to be evicted this week are Sarah Beth Steagall, Alyssa Lopez, Britini D’Angelo, or Christian Birkenberger. Claire Rehfuss is the only player who has nothing to worry about this week. Her Wildcard Competition win means that she’s safe until the jury position of the game, which starts next week.

That’s also what makes this week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household Competition so critical. It’s the last one before jury starts. This means you guarantee your spot in jury if you win and help determine who falls one week short of being a juror, essentially playing a major hand in determining the Big Brother 23 jury. 

Christian and Alyssa probably need the Head of Household win the most, but Christian can’t play as outgoing HOH, so it’ll be all up to Alyssa to pull out the victory for both of them. Sarah Beth is also pretty much in danger unless she wins this week’s Head of Household.

At the end of Thursday’s episode, host Julie Chen-Moonves announced the rules to this week’s HOH. The broadcast then ended and the Big Brother Live Feed watchers saw it all play out live. The comp turned out to be the usual wall competition. Houseguests basically just had to stay on the wall the longest. 

So who won this week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out!



Derek X is the new HOH!

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