Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: Scott Caught in the Middle

This Big Brother Over the Top week started with Danielle Lickey and Kryssie Ridolfi trying to evict Scott Dennis. They gathered everyone to expose his rat game strategy. They thought they could trick Alex Willett into putting Scott up, and then getting the house to vote him out. Alex had other plans on Big Brother Over the Top.

Big Brother Over the Top Alex Willett

She nominated Danielle and Shane Chapman with the hopes of evicting one of them. America then nominated Monte Massongill.  During the Power of Veto competition, Shane won it. This sent Alex spinning trying to figure out the best Big Brother Over the Top move.

She still wanted Danielle, her original target, out of the Big Brother Over the Top house. However, she knew it wouldn’t be easy with America casting a vote for Monte.

Alex needed to nominate someone who would keep as many numbers on her side. She originally decided to nominate Kryssie, but worried about the repercussions of this nomination.

Big Brother Over the Top-Plastics (Morgan Willett, Whitney Hogg, Shelby Stockton)

Meanwhile, Danielle gathered the Misfits to devise a plan. She wanted them to convince Alex to put up Scott. They would tell Alex that they wanted to vote out Scott, but they would still vote out Monte.

This would then turn Scott against them. They would have another number in their favor.

Their plan almost worked because Alex really considered nominating Scott to save Monte. However, the Plastics and Monte convinced her it wasn’t a good plan. Monte wanted to go out against Danielle and Kryssie instead of Scott.

By the end of the night, they decided not to give into the Misfits’ demands. If things go as planned, Kryssie will go up as the replacement nominee.

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