Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 6 Power of Veto Competition Results (09/12/20)

This Big Brother 22 week started off with such potential. We had the return of the wall competition, which various houseguests have performed well in, in the past. Then we had Daniele Donato-Briones as the Head of Household.  Dani is a member of the Committee, but she’s been having doubts about her alliance members, especially Tyler Crispen.  So there was a chance that Dani could go after Tyler this week, and make a big move. However, Tyler and Dani seemed to have squashed their beef, but…for now.  This left Dani with the safe route, nominating Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. 

The only major hope for this week not being another boring one was if David used his Disruptor power and forced Dani to change her nominations. Late last night, David used his Disruptor power, sending Tyler on the block as his replacement. Now Kevin and Tyler are Dani’s nominees.

The week also got an unexpected surprise when the backyard opened two days early, basically guaranteeing that the competition would likely be the Hide-N-Go Veto. This Veto meant the houseguests had to hide their Veto, while others tried to find it. The last houseguest to get their Veto found, became the Veto holder. Da’Vonne Rogers, Ian Terry, and Enzo Palumbo were picked to play along with Tyler, Kevin, and Dani.

So who won this week’s Power of  Veto Competition?



Da’Vonne won the Power of Veto!

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