Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 6 Block Nominations (9/11/20)

For five straight Big Brother 22 weeks, The Committee has been dominating the game. Over the course of five Head of Household competitions,  four Committee members have been Head of Household (Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Tyler Crispen, and Christmas Abbott). The only week a non-Committee member had Head of Household was when Enzo Palumbo won, and he’s closely aligned with Tyler and Cody, so he’s like a Committee member adjacent. The non-existent other side has been picked off one by one.

Big Brother Nomination Ceremony (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Someone not in the Committee really needed to win this week’s Head of Household to create any excitement. This week, the houseguests played Big Brother’s famous wall competition. The houseguests had to try to stay on a dipping wall while being sprayed by water. The last player standing would become this week’s Head of Household.

The Head of Household ended in a less than exciting way with another Committee member, Daniele Donato-Briones winning the wall competition. Many hoped that Dani would not follow the script, and turn against one of her Committee members. Tyler and Dani have been having a lot of game tension, and it’s highly likely that one of them would go after the other eventually. Everyone just hoped it might be this week. As of now, it doesn’t appear that Dani will do anything exciting with her HOH reign.

She will nominate David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. However, this week things could get tricky for Dani because David possesses the Disrupter power.  He could use it to remove himself from the block, forcing Dani to name another nominee. She’ll likely then name Ian Terry.  Though earlier today, she spoke about not wanting to nominate Ian, so she’ll likely try to avoid that. She also spoke about potentially trying to backdoor Tyler this week. She’s just scared of what might happen, but she had a talk with Memphis and kind of got him on board with the idea. After David uses his power, it’s unlikely that she’ll make Tyler the initial nominee because then he has a good chance of winning Veto and going after her the following week.

Things could get even more complex if one of Dani’s nominees wins Veto, and Dani is forced to name another nominee. She told Da’Vonne Rogers that she wouldn’t nominate her this week. Therefore, if she sticks to her word, someone on the Committee, or Enzo, will hit the block.  These twists could actually create some game excitement this week.

So who did Dani end up nominating? And did David use his power? Read below to find out.



Dani nominated David and Kevin for eviction.  David has yet to use his power, so he may use it later tonight and change nominations, but we aren’t sure. By the end of the night, David used his power and Tyler went up as a replacement nominee. Tyler and Kevin are nominated for eviction. 

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