Big Brother 19: Week Four Alliance Updates – Power Shifts 7/25/2017

One can never underestimate the changes that can occur inside the Big Brother house in just a few days.  The Battle Back Showdown has led to a complete shift in power in the Big Brother 19 game, but shifts in power don’t necessarily result in shifts in control.  Once Cody Nickson fought his way back into the house, realigned with Jessica Graf, and Jessica won Head of Household and the Power of Veto  competition, the Big Brother house was bound to be shaken up a bit.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies

Mere minutes after Jessica and Cody settled into their new HOH digs, Mark Jansen and Elena Davies came rushing to their side.  Mark made no qualms about pledging his loyalty to Cody again, while Jessica joked that all good bromances have spats and end up back together again…oh please. Although Elena wasn’t quite as vocal pledging her undying love to Jessica and Cody at the time, Jessica has used Elena as a sounding board this week.  This indicates there may be some trust forming between the two inside the Big Brother house.

The house is essentially split down the middle, but there are quite a few houseguests playing on both sides in the Big Brother game.  On one side you have the “Outsiders” with Alex Ow, Kevin Schlehuber, Josh Martinez, and Jason Dent, minus Ramses Soto who seems to have lost any affiliation this week.  The Outsiders could be hit hard this week if they lose Josh to eviction.  On the other hand, the Outsiders seem to have definitely gained Paul Abrahamian as a formidable ally.

Big Brother 19 Alliances
Photo Courtesy of @89razorskate20

The other side of the house, which just last week was called the “Team,” is slowly crumbling beneath themselves.  This was originally Cody’s dream team that he assimilated during the very first week in the Big Brother house.  I predict that players like Mark, Elena, Matt Clines, Raven Walton, and Christmas Abbott will either move over with Cody and Jessica or start working with the other side fairly quickly.

This week, inside the Big Brother house, may just be the tipping point for the remainder of the game.  Although Jessica has the utmost power in the game this week, she may not even control the eviction.  Paul and others are trying to send a strong message to Cody and Jessica by secretly strategizing to evict Ramses  instead of Josh.  Jessica has made it very clear to the house that her target is Josh for his continual verbal abuse towards her and Cody.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

Jessica had the opportunity to save her game by simply using the POV.  If she used the POV to bring down Ramses and replace his nomination with someone like Raven, she could have stopped the other houseguests from planning a blindside.  Unfortunately, Jessica doesn’t seem to have the game insight and cunning tenacity to predict the big power moves in the Big Brother game.  The live eviction this week should, at the very least, be quite entertaining.

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