Big Brother 19 Week 4 Power Ranking–Is Raven Ruling the Game?

Yet another week in the Big Brother 19 house has left: it hasn’t been without lots of drama and shifting dynamics. We’ve had the Big Brother 2017 Battle Back and a power shift, though not as much has really changed as it appears. Those in power have certainly not used their power to it’s full potential.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton, Matt Clines, and Paul Abrahamian

Without further ado, here are the Big Brother 19 power rankings for week four:

13. Ramses – Poor Ramses has sort of been the person left out of the alliances and gameplay this whole time. You would have expected Jessica to have bigger fish to fry, and she does, but she made the mistake of nominating Ramses as a pawn. And the problem is, he really has nobody. Ramses has never been able to get his footing in this Big Brother 19 game. So unless there is a major shift, he will be exiting the Big Brother house on Thursday.

12. Cody – Cody has returned but really has nothing to show for it, well other than his rejuvinated showmance with Jessica. They all want him out, again. The only thing that could save him is Jessica’s Halting Hex being played. Of course, there’s always Power of Veto, if he was to be nomnated, but of course they will plan to backdoor Cody. I’d say that he’ll get chances to find his footing again, but we know that he will just isolate himself with Jessica in one room or another.

11. Mark – Mark has really taken a plunge this past week. Many of the houseguests on Paul’s side have not been happy with his behavior, and  his sort of rekindled relationship with Cody and Jessica. It’s been mentioned that Mark has not treated Josh and Ramses very nicely, and the word bully has even been thrown around. Conversations mentioning him as a potential target are starting to increase by the minute. Just last night, Christmas, Matt, and Raven have all said the Mark was a bad person. It’s not looking good for him, but luckily for Mark, they do not see him as a social or strategic threat.

10. Jessica – Her stock was rising a bit last week, but with Cody’s return, it’s all gone south once again. Jessica doesn’t have time to socialize with Cody around; she is too attached to his hip. I would say that being downstairs next week might help, but it didn’t last time. Cody returning was the worst thing for her game, but he will almost always be a target before her. But Jessica has shown this week that she’s a good competitor, which is worth mentioning.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Jessica Graf

09. Josh – While Josh somewhat expendable to most of the Big Brother 19 houseguests, Christmas and Paul in particular are interested in keeping him around for the long haul. He’ll probably be nominated more by the other side, and even as a pawn, but there will likely always be a bigger target. Josh played into the isolation thing this week to fool the other side, but he’ll surely make himself known after he stays. Josh will likely continue to antagonize Cody and Jessica.

08. Elena – Elena was in such a good spot last week but spending more time with Mark, and Paul leaving her out in the cold this week, has compromised her spot. I think her association with Cody and Jessica is also hurting her. Many of the other players have noticed that she’s a triple threat in this game. Elena is more of an immediate concern than Cody or Mark. But she’s charming and personable, so I think her longevity in this game depends on how she reacts to Thursday’s blindside.

07. Kevin – Everyone adores Kevin, but there is still some shadiness with his hinky votes–sort of–being public knowledge, and him having a lot of information on various houseguests. That said, I think a weird set of circumstances would have to unfold for him to find himself in danger. Alex is wary of Kevin, but she knows Jason and her need him for the time being. He has been getting closer to Christmas as well, which will probably work out well. Kevin is flexible in this game and that’s what is going to keep him around.

06. Jason – Jason has been somewhat quieter this week but there are still quite a few of houseguests that feel uneasy about him. The good thing for him is that other targets are becoming prominent, and Jason can probably hide in the background for a few weeks, especially after this Thursday. Paul and Christmas will take aim at Jess, Cody, Mark and Elena way before Jason. Sometimes he just can’t keep his mouth shut about his paranoid thoughts. This is going to bite Jason sooner or later.

Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto and Christmas Abbott

05. Christmas – Christmas has done a good job of building up relationships, getting closer with Josh, Kevin, and even Matt and Raven this week. Mark is now on her radar. This is good because he has always been weirdly aggressive towards her. Christmas’ name is still brought up from time to time, possibly due to her foot, but she is getting herself a pretty tight-nit group of allies. I expect that Paul will be a target ahead of her, especially with her being (sort of) honest about her vote this week with the other side.

04. Matt – Matt’s name was coming up more last week from people like Jason, Josh, and Alex, but they all sort of like him now. With the shifting dynamics, I think Matt would have the most to worry about if Mark won Head of Household, as he’s hinted that he didn’t like how Matt and Raven were playing the game. Matt could still be a target for some people, but his laid-back personality will almost always ensure that someone else’s name will be mentioned for nomination before him.

03. Alex – It’s incedible how Alex has gone from the house target to someone that only Jessica is really after, and she can’t even play for Head of Household next week. Alex is well-integrated into the house. People even forget her competitive prowesss. And if Jason continues to run his mouth and make mistakes, Alex will not be the first of the two of them to be targeted. Alex is sometimes a little too honest, but it’s working for her right now just fine.

02. Paul – As much as it pains me to put Paul this high, it’s probably true. Don’t get me wrong, some of them (including his own allies) see what Paul is doing, but they are okay with it. They don’t want to take a shot now. If the other side wins, things could get sticky for Paul. However, on the block against most houseguests,  Paul should survive. He has been smart about his social game, but I expect that not including Elena on the Ramses vote might be something that he ends up regretting, because she was very solidly in his corner.

Big brother 19 Raven Walton and Matt Clines

01. Raven – Some of them don’t really care for Raven, but the fact of the matter is that she’s safe. They all see her as a good pawn option because Raven would not get voted out. I think things could shift but she is going to continue to fade into the background while bigger targets present themself. And that’s a perfectly valid way to play the game, just not a very exciting one.

That’s all for this weeks power rankings! Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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