Big Brother 19 Week 3 Power Ranking

Big Brother 19 continues to deliver this week with no shortage of Big Brother drama. From the quick succession of events on Friday night through Monday afternoon’s mess, there’s been two quasi-house meetings this week. There has been a lot of shifting of the power and safety in the Big Brother 19 house.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Dominique Cooper

The upcoming Battle Back, and the potential for the Halting Hex temptation to be used, brings even more uncertainty into the Big Brother equation, but I will do my best to assess where the power lies, and who is in the best and worst positions in the Big Brother 19 house going into the fourth week of the game.

Starting from the bottom:

13. Dominique – There’s no question that Dominique is firmly on the bottom. She didn’t even really do anything wrong to end up where she is, but she’s not been able to reposition herself either. She’s isolated herself from the others and is set to go home Thursday. The only thing that can save Dominique at this point is the temptation or for her to win the Battle Back. Here’s to hoping that one of those two scenarios happens, as it will be great for feeds!

12. Ramses – It seems that in Big Brother 19 Ramses can do no right. Even when his “side” is in power, he still seems like an outsider and is not involved at all. Nobody trusts him and that’s a hard spot to be in. He remains a target for Paul and the showmances, and the other side isn’t really concerned with protecting him either. He needs an HOH more than anyone, so that he can build some trust and some relationships.

11. Josh – He had a major blowup on Monday that made him the center of attention again. He’s an emotional and reactive player, but I think most of them aren’t threatened by him. They know Josh is a complete wildcard, but that there are almost always going to be bigger fish to fry: Josh can be taken out at any point. He’s going to last longer than a lot of players and fans are expecting.

10. Jessica – She has somewhat recovered this week from being isolated from the house along with Cody. She’s not really made her way back into the fold, but she has some connections with players like Jason or Elena who could maybe help her out down the road. The big question mark for her is whether or not Cody comes back. Because if he does, she’ll go back to being the Jessica we saw before he was evicted. It’s best for her game for him to stay gone.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Mark Jansen09. Kevin – Despite being solid for so long, the cracks in Kevin’s game are starting to show. Many of them know he was the hinky vote at least once, and others suspect it. His personality and charm is what is going to keep him around. That, and his relationship with Paul. But, if Paul decides he can’t protect him anymore, or Kevin’s charm starts to come off as fake, he could be in trouble sooner rather than later.

08. Mark – Thursday’s events centered around him almost as much as they did Josh. He wasn’t the aggressor in the situation, but a spotlight has certainly been put on him. Most of them like and trust him, but with Cody’s lies spreading, and him being associated with Dominique, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was becoming A target for someone like Ramses or Jessica. His on going, unwarranted hate for Christmas is also not a great look for his game.

07. Matt – Matt is not really doing anything, but people are starting to want to break up the showmances and people see him as a threat. He and Raven don’t really socialize with people outside the other showmances, Paul, or Christmas that much; it’s going to make Matt an easy target for anyone else in the Big Brother 19 game.

06. Christmas – Christmas is settling back in after being gone for a few days. Houseguests were unsure of where she stood: there are a few uncertain about her, but generally she’s well-liked and has good relationships with the players who hold some power in the house. If Christmas and Paul are seen as a duo, it could be problematic. But with Paul’s safety going away, he might be a shinier target.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and Matt Clines

05. Raven – There’s a weird dichotomy with Raven: her own alliance loves her and puts her on a pedestal, but the other side of the house doesn’t really care for her at all. I’m not sure at this point if the votes are there to take her out, but it depends on who she’s up against. But like Matt, she’s not doing anything to make new relationships.

04. Jason – What a better week it’s been for Whistlenut! He was in the firing line last week, especially with many of them thinking he had been a vote to evict Ramses. With Alex being the HOH, he was able to take a back seat and sort of blend into the background. He did win the POV, and still makes some of them nervous for a number of reasons, but they have targets before him.

03. Paul – Paul’s safety is about to go away, which makes him vulnerable for the first time. If the wrong person wins HOH, he could be in trouble. I do believe as things currently stand, enough of the players trust Paul so he’d stay against most people. However some of the houseguests are starting to catch onto his duplicitous game. If Paul doesn’t strike first, the other Big Brother players will.

02. Alex – After an HOH week, you usually emerge as a target, but Alex has done a good job going against the showmance alliance without really doing it. Paul did set a lot of her week up, but she’s coming out of it without any big enemies. Best of all, she can blame others for how this week went. She and Jessica still aren’t friends and that could become a problem down the line, but for now Alex is well-liked and not anyone’s immediate target.

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies and Mark Jansen

01. Elena – In my eyes, she’s in the best spot in the house. Who’s coming for Elena? If she gets nominated, it would be beside Mark or Matt or Paul, and merely as a means to get her out. She has connections on both her side and with the other side, especially with Ramses, Jessica, and Alex. Elena is positioned to go a long way in this game, but at a lot depends on how long Mark is there and how he impacts her Big Brother 19 game.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Big Brother 19 power rankings. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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