Who Won HOH Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/13/20)

Big Brother fandom has been waiting patiently for a power shift inside the Big Brother All-Stars house all season. The house majority alliance has been slowly and methodically picking off Big Brother fan favorites one-by-one. We have not seen a backdoor attempt yet this season, and we are already at the “jury members only” point left remaining in the game.

Big Brother All-Stars Week 6

Last week, Christmas Abbott split up the Black Girl Magic alliance when she successfully targeted Bayleigh Dayton and left Da’Vonne Rogers without her ride-or-die. Will tonight finally be the night when the house majority alliance loses their reign of power on the house, or will they continue to reign supreme? The Power Trip Head of Household wraps up revealing the next HOH and the block nominees for week six tonight.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This weeks HOH competition is called Power Trip. Houseguests must hang onto a billboard for dear life while it moves and leans forward and it rains on them. The last player standing wins HOH for the week. Also, the first three houseguests to fall will be have-nots for the week.

Day is the first to drop from the billboard; however, she purposely fell from the wall. In the diary room, she confessed this was her plan as she felt safe in the house at the moment. Interesting play when you just survived the block a few hours prior.

David Alexander is the next to drop, but he didn’t fall on purpose. Ian Terry is the third to go, and he, David and Day are the have-nots for the week. As soon as the have-nots are established, Memphis Garrett drops.

Enzo Palumbo falls next after a grip adjustment. Kevin Campbell hits the ground next. The only players left in the competition are members of the house majority alliance, the Committee, Tyler Crispen, Dani Donato, Cody Calafiore, and Nicole Franzel. Dani is set on outlasting Tyler for blowing up her game to Day and Bay, and she has her sights set on revenge (even from her own fellow alliance member).

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Tyler drops, and Dani is thrilled. She doesn’t want to drop right away and give up her plan so she hangs on tight. Nicole falls realizing she doesn’t need to stay up. Cody drops right after her feeling the same way. Dani Donato wins the week six HOH competition! The house majority alliance remains in control in the Big Brother house.

Week Six HOH Comp Aftermath

Tyler know Dani may be coming after him for the Day and Bay incident last week. He knows in Big Brother that people sometimes forgive, but they never forget. Tyler hopes that his alliance commonality with her would protect his game.

Kevin has no relationship with Dani, nor does David. They are both concerned about the block and being nominated this week.

Dani and Cody talk game and he suggested that she nominate Kevin and David to the block. She knows that Kevin would be devastated if she puts him on the block. Then the conversation shifts to nominating Tyler. Both agree that if Tyler is put on the block out of the gate, then he will win the Power of Veto and save his game. They both agree that he needs to be a backdoor nominee, if nominated at all. Cody is reluctant to say Tyler should be a nominee as they are all in the same alliance.

Week Six Block Nomination Ceremony

At the block nomination ceremony, HOH Dani nominated Kevin to the block. Her second nominee was David. But wait, David has the BB Basement Disruptor power. He can take himself off the block and force Dani to nominate a new player to the block on the spot. Who will Dani nominate in place of David, and who will win the POV?

Big Brother All-Star Nominations

Join us for a special episode of Big Brother on Tuesday, September 15 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST.


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