Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Morning Review: July 10

Game play in the Big Brother 13 house yesterday and this morning is all about the Power of Veto. The houseguests are caught up in the drama of how the Power of Veto is going to be used and who is going to end up on the chopping block.

Some of the Big Brother 13 houseguests stayed up crazy late last night (as did we here at discussing alliances and how they can manipulate the winners of the Power of Veto into putting up who they want up for elimination. As soon as they crawled out of bed this morning, the houseguests were back at it again, trying to get their personal pick through to get booted off.

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Yesterday, Keith was all over Brendon first thing in the morning to get on his good side. Keith and duo partner Porsche are the ones up for elimination right now. Brendon and Rachel currently hold the Power of Veto for the elimination. So pretty much EVERYONE is trying to get on their good side to either get them to keep the nominations as is or change them to what they want.

Keith tried to get under Dominic‘s skin by telling him Adam had wanted to get rid of him. He also wanted Dominic to tell Brendon and Rachel that Porsche is bad news and can’t be trusted. Obviously Keith wouldn’t be bothered in the least to get his partner booted off the show.

Porsche worked it just as hard to try to get Keith eliminated so she can get her very own Golden Key and a guaranteed pass into the final 10 contestants. She told Rachel she does not trust Keith and doesn’t want to play with him anymore. All this backstabbing between the two eventually led to a nasty conversation where Porsche told Keith she does not like him one damn bit and he’s basically an idiot for acting the way he is.

Dominic tried to cozy up with Brendon, Jeff and Jordanbut didn’t accomplish much. The old houseguests are standing firm as an alliance against the newbies so far. Keith, meanwhile, sucked up hard to Rachel by telling her he would be loyal to her and Brendon for two weeks if they keep him safe from elimination.

Lawon, clueless in my opinion, campaigned for Keith to Adam while Keith badmouthed Lawon to Kalia. Just love those viscious Big Brother circles! Kalia said she would vote for with the majority, proving again that she is definately going to floater route. She also tells Keith he needs to chill out and start acting like a normal person.

Jeff told Rachel he wants to keep the nominations as they are and suggested possibly bringing Shelly and Cassi into the DCA (Dream Crushers Alliance) with the old houseguests.

Lawon and Keith got into a lovely fight, with Keith telling off Lawon and Lawon sputtering in reaction to his temper tantrum. Shortly after this catfight, Rachel and Brendon got into their own argument in the Head of Household room. Brendon is annoyed with Rachel for getting into fights and riling up the other cast-mates. They end up being disgusting and PDA and make up though. Yuck.

As the night drew to a close, it looked like Keith pretty much screwed himself being a paranoid, crazy weirdo as even Lawon seemedto have given up on him. Lawon told Daniele that he would now be voting to get Keith out.

When the houseguests finally made it out of bed this morning, Brendon and Rachel were immediately thinking about who they need to talk to before the Veto Ceremony. They decided they need to have chats with Cassi, Shelly, Dominic and Adam.

Brendon and Rachel talked to Dominic in the HOH room. Dominic said he wouldn’t put them up if they don’t put him and Adam up because he’s all about “actions”. Adam comes in and the duo agreed they will vote however Brenchel wants them to vote. Keith came in and interrupted to tell Brenchel he wants to ‘make amends’ and work with them.

Rachel, Brendon, Kalia and Lawon discussed the next HOH competition and Kalia and Lawon complained about being  terribly hungry as Have-Nots. Brenchel told Kalia and Lawon they hope the duo would not put them up, or Jeff and Jordan next week.
Cassi and Shelly, meanwhile, discussed their thoughts on Porsche being dangerous because she is not loyal to anyone, not even her duo partner Keith. They think it might be better to keep Keith around because he is less likely to cause them trouble in the game. Shell and Cassi appear to have put together an alliance with Rachel and Brendon not to put each other up for four weeks.


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