Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 12 Competition Results (10/21/23)

Big Brother 24 Veto

Head of Household Jag plans to target and evict one of his closest allies. However, he doesn’t realize how she’s dedicated to him. In Jag’s defense, Blue has made him her target at points in the game. Nevertheless, with very few options left, she does want to work with him. He just doesn’t believe it. 

Jag also knows that America will likely target him when given the chance. However, Blue won the last Power of Veto competition and America has yet to win any competition. Blue has also performed slightly better than America in many of them (minus the Pressure Cooker competition). Jag knows that his game longevity greatly depends on his ability to win competitions.

Therefore, he wants to take out as many players as possible who could beat Matt and him in competitions. According to Jag, Blue is his next biggest threat in that department. Jag would love for America to win this week’s Veto to make it easier for him to eliminate Blue with less blood on his hands.

He has even told America that he would throw the competition to her if they are the final two players. This week’s is the last week where someone will sit out of the Power of Veto competition. The Veto players were picked earlier today and only Cirie was not picked to play in it. Jag, America, Blue, Matt, Bowie, and Felicia will all compete in this week’s Power of Veto. 

There is still a chance Cameron could stay in the game over Cirie. So what happened at this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out. 



Jag won the Power of Veto! 

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