Who Won Power of Veto on Big Brother? 8/1/2015

Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 17 this week? Will the big eviction plan from the new Head of Household hit a brick wall after the winner is announced? We’ve been giddy with anticipation over these Veto Competition results and we are so excited the spoilers are finally out!

Big Brother Power of Veto

This week on the Big Brother Live Feeds has been absolutely golden. We watched with baited breath while the new HoH and their allies went back and forth on who to put up on the block. When it was all finally decided, we couldn’t wait to see the reactions from the new house targets. After the Eviction Nominations were announced, it was a delicious treat to see the house explode into glorious chaos!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Is it wrong to say that we were utterly gleeful when new Head of Household James decided to just put the pedal to the metal and nominated showmance couple Shelli and Clay together? Honestly, these two have gotten so smug and secure in their domination of the house (along with Vanessa), that they were entirely due for a major smackdown.

Clay and Shelli did NOT react well at all to being put up on the block, especially together. Poor, pitiful Shelli has been crying her eyes out ever since. Really girl? You’ve been instrumental in picking off your enemies one by one every single week so far, and now you can’t handle a dose of your own medicine? Didn’t think maybe eventually someone would get in power who had caught on to how you’ve been manipulating the evictions since week one?

Big Brother Live Feeds July 31 2015 2

You feel like James betrayed you because he sort of promised you and your boy toy safety after you suddenly declared he should do so at the end of the HoH Competition? A competition you either just couldn’t handle any more, or (so you told Vanessa) didn’t want to win because it would make you a bigger target.

The plan prior to the Veto Competition from James and his allies was to get Shelli out of the house on Thursday night. Everyone pretty much gets by now that Shelli is a big liar and manipulator who has been slowly decimating the “other side” of the house. No matter what kind of blame she tries to put on everyone else.

Even Shelli’s allies had all but given up on supporting her and Clay at this point. James was after them relentlessly on the Live Feeds. Yes, James the self-styled Hillbilly Asian has turned into the Hillbilly Ninja. He was getting down with all of Shelli’s buddies one by one and telling them how it is, and that they need to get on board with the plan.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 31 2015

John and Becky decided together that it would be best if neither of them won the Power of Veto Competition because they don’t want to get involved. Austin and the twins hashed out that it would be better for their game if the nominations stay as is. (Very wise, considering one of them would probably end up on the block if Shelli or Clay came off.) Steve has no reason to step in and get his hands dirty.

Even Vanessa hinted to James she might not try so hard to win the Veto in order to save one of her allies. On the other hand, if someone else won the Veto and took Clay or Shelli down… she might end up a Replacement Nominee…

The only hope Shelli and Clay really had of saving themselves was to win that Veto Competition. Of course, Clay has sworn repeatedly that if he won, he would save her instead of himself. Well, if he makes that much of a dumbass move, he deserves to go home. But we’d still rather see all of Shelli’s karma catch back up with her on Thursday night.


Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (5)

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. James really hopes he can have all the power and win so he can keep the nominations the same. Shelli says it has to be her or Clay that win the Veto because if one of their allies wins it, it means that one of their allies will end up as the Replacement Nominee.

James draws Houseguest choice and he picks Jackie. Jackie says in Diary Room that she’s going to have to play to win and keep the nominations the same. Shelli draws Becky, her little rat. Clay picks Vanessa, supposedly their ally. Vanessa says if she loses, she could end up the Replacement Nominee. But if she wins and takes Clay or Shelli down, she could piss off the house.

Jackie, Becky and James talk about the Veto Competition and how it is going to be a bloodbath. James wants the nominations to be kept the same. Becky says in Diary Room that she’s in a tough spot caught between the two sides. She likes Shelli and Clay in the house, but right now James is keeping her safe. James says for everyone who wants to win the big money, keeping the nominations the same is the best move.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (9)

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