Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 58 Highlights: Brett Tries to Take Credit for Scottie’s Vote

Once again, the Big Brother 20 Hive is in charge. Last night, Faysal Shafaat became the Head of Household. At first Faysal wasn’t going to make Scottie Salton his main target, but as the night went on, he got more excuses to nominate him. It started with last night’s eviction vote.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry went home by a vote of five to one. Faysal wanted to know who was the one vote against Kaycee Clark. Haleigh Broucher and him discussed it, she didn’t think Scottie was the vote. Haleigh had an even longer discussion about it with Scottie.

In this conversation, it seemed like Scottie and Haleigh had finally woken up. Scottie mentioned how the other side was probably using him as an escape goat. Haleigh and Scottie also figured out that there is probably six person alliance that’s going against them. They also concluded that Rachel Swindler and Winston Hines were probably involved in it as well.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton and Haleigh broucher

Haleigh and Faysal even discussed possible nominees before Faysal got his Head of Household room. They decided that they needed to evict a guy this week. Faysal originally settled on Tyler Crispen and Brett Robinson. Then Faysal got his HOH room. He decided that he wanted to ask who was the one vote to evict Kaycee.

At first Scottie was the only one to raise his hand. A few minutes later, Brett interjected and said that he was the one vote to keep Rockstar, and he believed that now the house was going to turn against him. The minute Brett said this, Scottie started arguing with Kaycee. He called her terrible actress, and she jumped into defend herself.

Big Brother 20 Head of Household Room Reveal

Kaycee also confirmed to Faysal that Brett had been acting weird with her all week, so she thought he was the vote against her. Everyone then left the room. JC Mounduix and Haleigh then had a long talk. In it, he convinced her that Scottie was not the one vote.

Faysal had actually believed Scottie over Brett until JC and Haleigh convinced him that Scottie was the liar. After Haleigh and JC got drunk with Faysal’s entire wine bottle, they just kept reinforcing the Scottie cannot be trusted narrative. JC even mentioned how he thought Scottie was in love with Haleigh, and that he wanted to evict Faysal to become her new Faysal.

Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix and Haleigh Broucher

Scottie didn’t help the situation when he entered the Head of Household room. He didn’t say much, but he told Haleigh he loved her and asked about the sleeping situation for the night.

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