Big Brother Canada 4: Meet the First Seven Houseguests!

Yesterday we learned that two International Big Brother icons will be a part of Big Brother Canada’s fourth season. Today, Global TV Canada has released bios, pictures, and videos for seven of our brand new houseguests that will be joined by the International Wildcards!

Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguests Jared, Loveita, Raul, Maddy, Ramsey, Jared, and Paige (Source: Global TV Canada)

It appears based on the official website that there will be a total of sixteen houseguests, including the addition of the two fan-voted Big Brother alumni. Only seven are being revealed today, but the remaining seven are likely on their way tomorrow! So who are these seven new houseguests and how are they planning to play the game? Let’s find out a little bit more about them!

Jared Keseler, 24
Winnipeg, MB
Pipeline Worker

Jared’s strategy is to be polite to everyone and avoid household drama at all costs.


Loveita Adams, 25
Fort McMurray, AB
Natural Skincare CEO & Founder

Loveita has a different and interesting approach to the game that involves building trusting and credibility through making lasting promises and relationships with her fellow houseguests.


Ramsey Aburaneh, 26
Toronto, ON
Digital Marketing

Ramsey plans to throw competitions and hide his athletic ability for as long as possible as to not be identified as a threat.


Maddy Pavle, 21
Vancouver, BC

As a Big Brother fan, Maddy plans to take each day as it comes in the house, as she knows what a rollercoaster ride the game can be.


Raul Manriquez, 21
Calgary, AB
Fashion Stylist

Raul plans to avoid falling in love in the house, as he believes it would be his biggest distraction from winning Big Brother.


Paige Distranski, 19
Thunder Bay, ON
Veterinary Tech Assistant

Outdoors girl Paige likens the game to hunting, and plans to carefully study her fellow houseguests to anticipate their next moves.


Joel Lefevre, 33
Edmonton, ON

Although he may look nerdy, Joel thinks his physical abilities are more impressive than his intelligence and plans to make strong personal connections to advance himself in the game.


More information on the brand new houseguests including videos and responses to the standard questions can be found on the show’s official website. Stay tuned for  information on the next seven houseguests and our take on them all! Stay tuned to @BigBroAccess for more updates as we approach next week’s big premiere!