Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 22 Highlights- Mark and James Make Replacement Nominee Plans

The Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds were down for a large part of the day, because the remaining Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were fighting hard for the Power of Veto. In the end, Ariadna Gutierrez won herself safety, which pretty much guaranteed Brandi Glanville’s eviction. Celebrity Big Broter Brandi Glanville

Brandi used the day to get to the bottom of things, and try to figure out a way to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Meanwhile, Mark McGrath and James Maslow were trying to do everything to ensure Brandi’s exit.

In the morning, Brandi confronted Marissa Jaret Winokur about her claims against Brandi. The two women hashed it out, but it probably helped Marissa justify voting out Brandi.

Following the Power of Veto competition, Mark and James decided that the best way to get Brandi out the game was to nominate Marissa. They knew the Celebrity Big Brother house would probably unite against them and vote out Omarosa if she was on the block next to Brandi.

Marissa suspected that she might be the replacement, and tried to talk them out of it. She offered to vote the way they wanted, and not go after them in the next Head of Household competition.

Celebrity Big Brother-Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ariadna Gutierrez

James didn’t seem to listen, and was set on getting Brandi out. Ross Mathews and Brandi made a deal early in the Celebrity Big Brother game about being final two. Ross even promised Brandi that he wouldn’t ever vote against her.

Yesterday, he decided to break the news to Brandi that he would probably vote against her. This led to Ross losing yet another vote. Later, Ariadna and Brandi discuss Ross, and Brandi considers throwing him under the bus to James and Mark.

She wants to promise Ari and her votes in exchange for backdooring Ross. Ari tells her that this is a bad idea. Later, Omarosa gives the women some advice on the game, and how to play things.

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