Big Brother 20 Episode 6 Recap: Vote Flip Fallout

Now that the first houseguest of the Big Brother 20 season has been evicted, well wishes to Steve Arienta, the game is becoming quite a reality check for the remaining players.  Kaitlyn Herman made a big splash in the last episode by going against her own alliance as the swing vote to save Sam Bledsoe.

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman

More importantly, on the heels of the vote, she won the week 2 Head of Household competition. Will she confess that she was the swing vote that resulted in Steve’s eviction? How will her alliance react now that’s she HOH?

Live Eviction Aftermath

Kaitlyn has a big duty ahead of her on tonight’s episode. She must pick 2 houseguests to be nominated to the block for possible eviction later this week. Will she sell out her original alliance, will she jump ship to Tyler’s alliance, aka Level 6, or will she try and play it safe by nominating any remaining floaters? The time has come to find out.

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Tyler Crispen is elated that he was able to convince Kaitlyn to vote with his alliance, and now he must convince her to nominate houseguests from her own alliance for eviction.  Swaggy C Williams is completely in the dark with who flipped the vote. Kaitlyn is playing it cool as a cucumber inside the Big Brother house.

Faysal Shafaat and Swaggy start to suspect that Kaitlyn was the one who flipped. Kaitlyn is clearly right in the middle of the house right now.  Her decisions this week could very easily make or break her Big Brother game. Tread lightly Kaitlyn, tread lightly.

Kaitlyn still doesn’t know who holds the power for the week, however, Tyler confides to Kaitlyn that Sam just told him that she has the power. More importantly, if Sam stays safe, they will have the power still available to use next week, if needed.

Tyler works on convincing Kaitlyn to nominate Swaggy for eviction while Kaitlyn mentions that she would like to nominate Tyler’s allies, Winston Hines and Angela Rummans, for eviction.

Big Brother 20 Head of Household

Tyler was able to convince Kaitlyn to go after Swaggy C this week by telling her that Swaggy told him that Kaitlyn was a live canon and unpredictable.  Kaitlyn fell completely for Tyler’s plan, and now has intentions to nominate Winston to the block as a pawn. Kaitlyn confirmed her plans with Winston and lied thru her teeth to Swaggy about WInston being her true target.

Week 2 App Store Reward and Punishment

Rachel Swindler was the least trending houseguest for the week and chose the YELL! Crap App from the Big Brother App Store. Her punishment will be given over 24 hours. An angry reviewer will be unleashed into the house, at randon times, to loudly give feedback on her game. That should be interesting, to say the least.

Big Brother 20 Rachel Swindler

Tyler is the top trending houseguest for the week, after a stellar performance as the first HOH. Tyler chose THE CLOUD as his reward. His reward is as follows: “Keep yourself from going in the block at any one nomination ceremony or veto meeting.  If you are worried you will be nominated, sit in the cloud, and you cannot be put on the block. You have a two month subscription to the cloud.  So for the next 8 weeks, you may chose one time in which to use THE CLOUD to keep yourself safe!”

Kaitlyn desperately tries to find out who won the power app for the week without much luck. She does decide to make Scottie Salton the second nominee. She tells him her plan to use him as a pawn, and then explains that Winston was her target (Swaggy C is her real target).

Week 2 Eviction Nominations

In keeping with her original plan, Kaitlyn nominated Scottie and Winston to the block for eviction.  In the dairy room, she confessed that her master plan is to backdoor Swaggy C. Has Swaggy’s over confidence finally gotten the best of him?  Will he figure out that he is the backdoor target for the week? Who will win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to take either Winston or Scottie off the block?

Join us again Wednesday night at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the first the Big Brother 20 week 2 Power of Veto episode.

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