Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Could Vote Flip Lead to Shocking Eviction?

8-22-2013-02-22-39-PMCould it be possible? Is there a last minute vote flip in the works to evict Spencer Clawson instead of Helen Kim tonight? GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren and Head of Household Aaryn Gries are holed up in the Lounge talking about tonight’s eviction.

They honestly seem to be considering the idea of changing up the votes to get out Spencer in hope of pulling the power away from Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson. Elissa Slater, meanwhile, is talking to McCrae in the pantry about what needs to be done to make sure she is safe next week.

Amanda yells for Aaryn and she says she is in the bathroom. Amanda then comes into the lounge and finds Aaryn is not in the bathroom. She interrupts the group in the Lounge and they say they are just confirming plans. Aaryn is quick to jump in with a quick spiel about how she “did not call this meeting!” Like that isn’t going to make Amanda suspicious.

Amanda then goes looking for McCrae and finds him holed up with Elissa in the pantry. She demands to know what is going on and they just start talking about next week’s eviction. Elissa pushes that Aaryn has to go next week and McCrae and Amanda agree. Spencer comes in, Amanda leaves and conversation grinds to a halt. They lie to Spencer about what they were talking about.

Spencer then goes into the lounge where GM and Andy are talking and he wants to know what is up. GM says they are just confirming the plan. Aaryn goes to Amanda and reveals she is a total idiot by pretty much letting her know she needs to get her hands on things. Spencer leaves and Amanda comes in and GM whispers hardcore and says they were just reconfirming the plans with Aaryn for what’s coming up with the HoH. Amanda tells them that no matter what Helen and Elissa say, Elissa is after Aaryn and they can’t listen to her.

And now Aaryn is telling Spencer all about the vote flipping talk and how she isn’t going to go for that. It looks like this last ditch effort to actually break Amanda and McCrae’s power in the house has run into a big, ugly wall — by the name of rat fink Aaryn. Thanks to Aaryn, Amanda is now “handling” the HouseGuests to make sure everyone votes the way SHE wants them to and gets Helen out and keeps Spencer, her slave boy, in the game.


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