Big Brother Spoilers: Zingbot Burns Cody and Christine Relationship

Zingbot has returned and from the Big Brother spoilers we saw on the Live Feeds this weekend, it looks like Cody and Christine got the worst of the Zings this year. Now the two of them are worried about what the world outside of the Big Brother 2014 house is thinking about their very hands-on relationship. Especially Christine’s husband Tim.

Big Brother Zingbot (CBS)
Big Brother Zingbot (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

The infamous Zingbot showed up to Zing the Big Brother 16 cast this weekend for the week 8 Power of Veto Competition. Apparently Zingbot was helped out this season by Kathy Griffin, who inserted some of her own snide comments. Although we don’t have the exact wording on all the Zings, here’s the gist for each of the Houseguests:

Caleb – Zinged for how often he seems to end up wearing make-up in the house.

Derrick – Zinged for how all the guys are so good looking this year… oh wait, didn’t see you there Derrick.

Frankie – Zinged for having a good tan because he lives in his sister’s shadow.

Donny – Zinged for having a beard that looks like Duck Dynasty, but a social game of Suck Dynasty.

Zach – Zinged for ‘what do you call someone who wears pink, cries a lot, and cuddles with men? Zach.’

Victoria – Zinged for having pretty much no game.

Christine – Zinged for something about her tattoos.

Cody – Zinged for him and Christine always having their hands all over each other.

At first Cody and Christine didn’t seem all that worked up by the Zing about their ‘close’ relationship. But then they started worrying about what Christine’s husband Tim might think. Cody was also concerned that he would come out looking bad on TV. Derrick told Cody he should ask production not to air that Zing.

Christine was upset that her church and pastor would think badly of her and how Tim would feel about the Zing. She ended up crying over it at one point. This did not, however, stop her and Cody from once again cuddling and putting their hands all over each other again several times.

Timothy Brecht, Christine’s husband, has mentioned on Twitter a few times that he is not happy with how she’s been acting with Cody. Even so, however, he says he loves his wife and continues to defend her vigorously. Christine, meanwhile, has  put out several shoutouts to hubby Tim reassuring him that she loves him too, no matter what the Zingbot might say.

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