Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 8/18/2014

We have pretty solid Big Brother spoilers from the overnight on who is most likely going home this week and how they are dealing with the news. Plus, we have an update on Team America’s secret mission to steal a bunch of stuff from the other Houseguests and then mount a 24-hour Neighborhood Watch.

Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

5:20 PM – Cody looks for his hat, which Team America has stolen. Frankie joins in to look for it.

5:40 PM – Zach hints that Victoria could be a saboteur because she seems to be in the Diary Room every morning. Frankie says the stuff being mission is probably just a prank, not a saboteur. He suggests it is probably Victoria. Donny joins and adds that it could be Christine. Zach says maybe Christine and Victoria together.

5:55 PM – The Houseguests are figuring out that a lot of their stuff has been stolen. They are wondering what the hell is going on.

6:05 PM – The first Neighborhood Watch shift has been initiated. Christine says production has to be involved because they are allowing them to play with some helmets in the house they weren’t supposed to mess with before. Zach says it’s Victoria and she’s a saboteur because she’s the only one not really playing the game. Christine says it’s Zach. Victoria and Zach now seem to be the main suspects. Zach plays with this and says they have until 10:30 PM to find their stuff or he will get cash from production.

6:30 PM – To distract the Houseguests from Team America and help the backdoor plan to get out Zach this week, Frankie directly accuses Zach of being a saboteur. Zach says he wishes he was.

6:45 PM – Caleb and Derrick (pretending he doesn’t know what’s going on) tell Zach they aren’t going to leave him alone until he gives them their stuff back. Zach says they better not put him on the block because they think he’s a saboteur.

7:10 PM – Zach tells Caleb he really, really isn’t a saboteur. No one really believes Zach isn’t in on the stolen stuff. Zach tells Caleb not to vote him out because he didn’t f**king do anything.

Frankie tries to give Zach a hug and kiss, but Zach pushes him away. He accuses Victoria of being the person behind allt he stolen stuff. She says that is ridiculous.

7:15 PM – Frankie, Christine, Derrick, and Caleb talk about cancelling the meeting where they were going to tell Zach he is going up as the renom. They don’t think it is needed now.

7:30 PM – Frankie is basically blaming Zach for all the Team America stuff he can now. Zach continues to deny everything and say he is not a saboteur. Zach even ends up getting blamed for the Skittles nominations this week.

7:55 PM – Being a total idiot, Zach tries to steal the cue ball from the pool table and gets caught by Caleb. This only makes everyone really think he is responsible for the stolen stuff. Everyone keeps following Zach around, even when he goes to hide in the toilet. They chase him all over the house with a lot of yelling.

8:05 pm – Cody finds all the stuff where Team America hid it in the bottom of the trash can in the pantry. Frankie is all about Zach being the saboteur and keeps pointing out stuff he knows Zach didn’t do as things Zach must have done. Zach tells him again it is not him. Frankie yells at him that no one is going to believe him.

8:20 PM – Frankie continues to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. He discusses Zach’s alleged saboteur missions with Cody and Christine. Frankie says he is going to say in his renom speech that Zach sure has ‘sabotaged’ his game.

Victoria comes out of Diary Room and says everyone is laughing at them. Zach asks her why she’s so quiet, mad they found the stuff she hid?

8:40 PM – Poor Zach. Frankie notes that Zach has glitter on his face, so that proves he was near Frankie’s stolen glitter. Zach says it was on a piece of clothing he touched!

8:45 PM – Zach asks Frankie if Victoria is still going to go up as the renom. Frankie acts guilty and nervous. He won’t swear he isn’t putting Zach up.

8:55 Pm – Zach tells Donny that he is pretty sure he is going to get evicted this week. He says it was supposed to be Donny going home, and if that failed, it was supposed to be Victoria. But now it looks like he’s the target.

9:30 PM – Caleb tells Zach that if he was Frankie, he would put Zach up. Zach is pretty sure it is going to happen because Frankie can’t look him in the eye. Caleb says he would vote Zach out over Cody because Zach was in an alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Zach says no, he is in an alliance with Derrick, Frankie, and Christine called The Detonators.

Zach tells Caleb that it wasn’t Amber who was supposed to go home when she did, it was Caleb and Frankie was behind it. Caleb talks about all the times Zach has acted up in the house and how he’s probably got a lot of money in the bank from being a saboteur. Zach says he is an idiot for stealing the cue ball, which just made him look guilty.

10:13 PM – Zach tells Frankie and Caleb there is no point in wasting a Head of Household on Victoria. Of course Frankie is going to put him up. Frankie says it was Zach that gave him the idea to put him up as the renom. He says everyone in the house wants Zach up, including Cody and Derrick. Frankie says he was going to tell him. Zach doesn’t believe him. Caleb says Frankie was going to tell him. So Zach says well, then you lied to me Caleb.

Frankie says it is dangerous to keep Zach in the game. Zach says he shouldn’t go around telling people it was Zach’s idea to go up as the renom. He says it is a good game move for Frankie and he needs to claim it. Frankie asks if Zach is gay. Zach says no. Zach says he has nothing to hide now and that he didn’t hide anyone’s stuff. Derrick comes in and Frankie tells them they have had “the conversation” about Zach going up. Derrick says the plan was to get out Donny until after the Power of Veto Competition and that’s when they started talking about Zach.

10:40 PM – Zach tells Derrick he is going to win. Derrick lies and says he doesn’t have any final two deals. He has several of those actually with Victoria, Cody, and Frankie. Zach says he would vote for Derrick in Jury over anyone else.

11:00 PM – Derrick tells Donny that Frankie is going to put up Zach and he will be evicted.

11:10 PM – Christine tells Cody she didn’t give production any soundbites about the Zings from Zingbot. (There was a nasty one about Christine and Cody’s relationship in the house being too close because she’s married.)

11:25 PM – Frankie practices his ‘rap’ for the Veto Meeting when he will put up Zach.

11:45 AM – Derrick and Cody are not pleased that Frankie told Zach he is going up as the renom when they weren’t there. They think he and Caleb probably blamed them.

11:50 PM – Zach tells Frankie not to feel bad about putting him up. Meanwhile, Derrick and Donny talk about the Neighborhood Watch and making sure they get their 5K each out of the Team America secret mission.

12:15 AM – Zach questions why they are doing the Neighborhood Watch. Christine says they are watching to make sure no more stuff goes missing. In separate conversation, Caleb tells Frankie he thinks the Watch thing is stupid. Frankie says they will do it just for tonight and see if anything else gets stolen.

12:40 AM – Caleb says he heard production say “Zach, you alright?”

1:00 AM – Cody and Caleb talk about the thefts and wobble a bit between maybe it might have been Victoria and not Zach. But no, it must have been Zqach.

2:15 AM – Frankie claims he helped make his sister Ariana a star.

2:45 AM – Derrick and Frankie keep the Neighborhood Watch.

Victoria is sick and goes to the Diary Room. She comes out and says production told her not to eat. She goes outside and lays in the hammock. Derrick and Caleb play chess.

Cody and Frankie snuggle in bed and Cody talks like he might be an actor if he can get his face out there. They tell each other I love you and go to sleep.

3:30 AM – Derrick and Caleb patrol the house. Caleb insults Taylor Swift and says she is the ugliest girl in country music. Production blacks out the feeds.

4:20 AM – Caleb talks about almost getting arrested for threatening a table full of Muslims in a bar when he was drunk. He says he also threatened a female cop. But he says one of the police officers let him go because he said he knows how Caleb was feeling just being back from Iraq and having anger issues. Caleb basically goes on and on about how he is special because he was in the military. And talks about how he doesn’t like cops but he would be a good one. All of this to Derrick, who is a police officer but no one knows.

4:40 AM – Derrick and Caleb think Donny would put up Christine and one of them if he wins Head of Household. Or maybe Christine and Victoria. Caleb says he will try to persuade Donny to put up Christine or Cody.

5:35 Am – Derrick wakes up Donny for his Neighborhood Watch shift. Everyone sleeps except Donny.

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