Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Week 4 Monday Overnight Report

The word of the day on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds for Monday is “confused.” Why? Because all the Big Brother 15 cast HouseGuests are just befuddled by what has happened with the whole Most Valuable Player twist this week. Some of them suspect that America had the vote and put up the third eviction nominee this week. Others think Elissa must have won the MVP for the fourth time and decided to put herself up on the block to make people think she didn’t.

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That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg of all the crazy that is currently going on in the Big Brother 2013 house. No one trusts anyone at this point, except possibly McCrae and Amanda, who spend so much time cuddled under blankets together that we worry they might get bedsores. Yet, even with all that snuggling, McCrae totally smacked Amanda in the face this morning by telling her he ‘regretted’ making out with her and wouldn’t really explain why. Ouch!

Alliances are rearranging and starting to fall apart. Showmances are blowing up here and cooling off there. Everything is in flux and right now, we really have no clear picture of which of the three eviction nominees is going home on the CBS Big Brother 15 live eviction show on Thursday. In other words, it is a very good day on the Big Brother Live Feeds!

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on alliances, game play, competition results and other information that has not yet aired on the CBS network prime time show. You have been warned!

Big Brother Live Feeds Report: Monday Morning, 7/22/2013 (pardon if some of the times are screwy, things are weird with the times on the feeds rewind right now.)

12:00 AM BBT: Judd and Aaryn are talking in the bathroom. He doesn’t think she’s actually in danger of going home but he advises her to be nice to Elissa because she is a voter and Aaryn needs all of them on her side she can get.

12:10 AM BBT: Judd decides to torture GinaMarie and dress up as the “Ghost of Nick” wearing his hat and towel. Elissa starts yelling “GinaMarie, Nick is in the house, Nick is the twist! Which, naturally, freaks GM out and makes her start crying because it isn’t really him. Judd tells her he is sorry and that he didn’t mean to upset her. GM says it was funny but that she really thought it was Nick at first and that Judd even looked like him when he went to hug her.

12:20 AM BBT: GM and Judd end up together in the hammock and Judd tells her he trusts Spencer and Howard but not Kaitlin and Aaryn. GM talks about being annoyed at Amanda and McCrae’s mock ‘engagement’ because everyone teased Kaitlin about Jeremy, and teased her about Nick, but they all just played along with McCrae and Amanda. She wants to know why no one seems to see them as a threat. They are interrupted in their talking by Candice screaming some random thing from the couch. GinaMarie asks if Big Brother can please drop a house on Candice and kill her please. She says she would rather be in solitary than have to listen to that b*tch all the time. Feeds cut out briefly. GM says that all Candice talks about is sucking d*ck and getting f**ked in the a**. (GM has quite a mouth on her.) She says that Candice thinks it turns Howard on but she and Judd just think Candice is trashy.

Meanwhile, Amanda takes some time to show off her fake engagement ring and moon the Big Brother cameras.

1:15 AM BBT: Amanda is convinced that Elissa won the Big Brother Most Valuable Player power again and that she nominated herself for eviction to throw people off the scent.

Untitled-4 copy1:40 AM BBT: McCrae tells Amanda that if she gets evicted, he will personally go after every single person that votes against her. They are both worried that Amanda might somehow end up as the third eviction nominee after Elissa takes herself off the block. The whole catfight/makeup session between Elissa and Amanda on Sunday only makes things worse, Amanda fears, if Elissa really is still the MVP and will get to pick the replacement nominee.

Up in the Head of Household room, Aaryn wants to know if Judd is unhappy he doesn’t have a girl to cuddle in the house. He says that if Jessie wanted to, she could have been there. Andy wants to know if anyone is in the “color room” right now. GinaMarie is like, are you calling it the “colored room” now? Aaryn says they need to watch what they say because it will be used against them. (Oh, now she gets it?)

1:50 AM BBT: Spencer apparently hit Aaryn with a cockroach they found in the house. We think that is both gross… and funny.

2:00 AM BBT: Andy tells Amanda he would rather see Howard or Kaitlin get evicted than Aaryn because they are much more dangerous players. They talk about Howard and Kaitlin working everyone in the house for deals. Over in the Lounge, McCrae tells Amanda he doesn’t want her to be part of “shady sh*t” going on anymore. Kaitlin wants to know how their date went and McCrae says it was magical. Amanda says McCrae was really nervous but it was amazing.

2:40 AM BBT: Candice is pissy because Howard told her to separate out from him while they were walking. She says he dismissed her when he was playing pool with Kaitlin too. He apologizes that she feels like he was being disrespectful. He jokes that he will never go anywhere without her again and she says not to be sarcastic.

3:00 AM BBT: McCrae is not happy that Elissa was mad at Amanda after basically calling her a stripper and then being confronted about it. He really wants Elissa going home soon. Andy says he feels like Howard and him are playing a game where they both know the other person wants them evicted. Andy leaves. McCrae thinks the next Head of Household Competition will be an endurance challenge. If Aaryn is not eliminated, he thinks she could potentially win the competition, so he and Amanda need to stay on their good side and make her believe they are still her allies. Amanda says that if she gets nominated, he should watch the others to see their reactions.

She wants to know if he had fun last night and he kind of blows it off. He says he had fun but “with a grain of salt.” Amanda gets defensive and wants to know what he means. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he didn’t like that she dressed up as a dominatrix and then Elissa ruined it all by saying mean stuff. She wants to know what about when they made out, did he regret that? He says yeah but he doesn’t want to talk about it. She pushes him but he really doesn’t want to talk about it and says he wants to go get ready for bed. Amanda is not happy.

Untitled-2 copyMeanwhile, Spencer, Kaitlin, Judd, GinaMarie and Aaryn talk about McCrae and Amanda basically stealing the Head of Household room while Judd was in his solitary punishment. Judd says they did not ask him if they could do that. He is also pissed that Amanda never visited him while he was in solitary. GM hates how Amanda is always talking about sex stuff and says she should shove a plunger up her a** and get it over with. Kaitlin says she thinks Elissa was the MVP and put herself up on the block and it was smart move. She thinks if Howard is the replacement nominee, they will know for sure it was Elissa who was MVP. They mention that Elissa took a punishment in the PoV Competition not to play in the next Power of Veto challenge. They talk about whether Elissa might have some kind of special power and that might be a motive for her taking the punishment. Then they start talking about losing their virginity.

4:00 AM BBT: Spencer says his girlfriend’s parents don’t like him and he hopes being on the show might help them like him. (Um, no.) GinaMarie teases Kaitlin that she will get married to Jeremy and says that mark her words, she will marry Nick. (Um, hell no.) GinaMarie says she does not want to be friends with Candice after the show because she hates that b*tch. They start talking about Diary Room stuff and Big Brother tells them to stop.

5:00 AM BBT: Spencer, Gina, Kaitlin and Judd all have a ‘we swear to stay loyal to each other’ moment after talking about how McCrae would never be able to support Amanda in the style in which she thinks she should be kept. (Her former boyfriend and her had to make $200,000 to keep up their lifestyle.) Kaitlin wonders if Candice would vote against the other side. GinaMarie says Candice is just a rat that talks sh*t. They go off to bed.

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