Big Brother After Dark Recap 6/25/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on last night, Saturday at 9pm PT (12am ET) and there was some conflict, a little bit of drama and of course, a little bit of good old fashioned game talk.

just got booze

Source: CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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In a rare event, the houseguests received alcohol for the second night in a row.  In addition to some fleeting shenanigans, some of which will be mentioned here, this caused some conflict in the house.  Since only a relatively small amount of alcohol is given (four or so beer and a couple of bottles of wine with 15 people in the house), it needs to be divided up.  In theory, if you did not drink the night before, then this should be your chance.  During the process of splitting up the booze, tensions were running high since some of the same people wanted to drink, such as Tiffany Rousso.  This caused Frank Eudy to start getting irritated (since he did not end up drinking either night) and he ended up taking it out on Tiffany which led to some drama the rest of the night, as well as some flashbacks to Vanessa Rousso in Big Brother 17.

Once everyone was served their alcohol, we got to see James Huling chatting with Tiffany in the hammock in the back yard.  You could tell that something was “off” with Tiffany as if she was depressed.  At first they were talking about James’ game and how it is different being the second-time around.  He suggested that is more about business this time and it sounds like he is here to win.  James also indicated that he believes that once Jozea Flores is evicted, the rest of the houseguests (specifically the newbies) will start acting differently.  In addition, James revealed that Victor Arroyo was one of his primary targets.  This puts him in a sticky situation since he is on Team Unicorn with him, and in order to evict him, he would have to throw a competition.  If anyone on the team becomes Head of Household, they are all safe for the week.  Eventually, the conversation turned to Tiffany and her mood.  She apologized and indicated that she was fine, she was just having a “sensitive girl moment”.

James and tiff hammock

Source: CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

It was after this scene that we really started seeing the resemblance of Tiffany to her sister Vanessa.  Vanessa is remembered for being extremely emotional in the house and crying quite often, sometimes for not much of a reason at all.  Frank decided to join Tiffany on the hammock and she pulled her hat over her eyes.  She kept claiming to Frank that this was because her make-up looked bad.  Frank was apologizing to her for blowing up at her about the alcohol situation.  Tiffany kept indicating that everything was fine and she promised they were cool, but Frank was not convinced and he suggested he could not trust her when he couldn’t see her eyes.  We come to find out later that all of the girls in the fatal five alliance suspected her of crying since they saw mascara running down her face.  This alliance consists of Tiffany along with Nicole Franzel, Zakiyah Everette, Michelle Meyer, and Da’Vonne Rogers.

After talking with Frank, Tiffany went to hide in the Head of Household room where she could pout in peace.  She was seemingly being way too sensitive about Frank yelling at her, considering they are in the 8-pack alliance together.  Several of the fatal five women came upstairs to change into their swim suits and kept asking her if she was okay.  None of them were aware of what had happened, but they all knew she was not alright.  Tiffany decided not to really talk about it at that time, but she did end up coming downstairs and joining the fun in the hot tub.

Just as an aside, we found out some interesting information about the Rousso sisters as well as Tiffany’s tattoos.  It turns out, they were raised in Frances for about five to six years of Tiffany’s life to the extent one of her tattoos is in french.  She told Frank that one of them said “remove the glass ceiling” and the one on her bicep said, in french, “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony”, which is a quote by Einstein.

While all of this drama is going on, much of the house has been drinking and just hanging out.  Paul Abrahamian, who is quickly being known as the loudest and most obnoxious person in the house keeps indicating that he is wasted; however, it seems like he is faking it (especially considering he didn’t really have that much to drink) and he is continuing the charade more than ninety minutes after consuming any alcohol.  He is dressed up as his female personality known as “Patty” and is just telling everyone they are nice and being pretty stupid and annoying.  Bronte D’Acquisto is getting extremely irritated with drunk Paul and ends up going back inside to get away from him.  She is the designated housekeeper and gets frustrated that he keeps making messes that she has to clean up.  Oh yeah, he also keeps saying “gurl”, which ends up sounding like “gur” which he clearly got from his little sidekick Jozea and it makes me want to throw my television out the window.

Jozea and Bronte end up chatting and Jozea is talking about how he is observing Paulie Calafiore walking around the house like he is all good; however, Jozea still thinks he controls the house and has the numbers on his side to evict Paulie.  Luckily for those of us who want to see a good blindside, Bronte keeps building him up and agreeing with all of this.  They are talking about how motivational and good his speech was at the house meeting the night before and that he is the “glue” that is holding the majority of the house together. He starts to talk about Tiffany and how she played the “gay” card with him (since she is bi-sexual) and was using it as a way to get close to him, but Jozea is getting paranoid and thinks that Tiffany is playing him because he sees her talking to Paulie and other people in the house.  Jozea proceeds to discuss how he would make nominations if he were to get Head of Household.  Ideally, he would like to get everyone in a room and have two people volunteer to be on the block.  They would then get to battle it out with love and no one would have any hard feelings.

jozea talking to bronte

Source: CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

Eventually, Bridgette Dunning is brought up and it is clear that neither of them trust her after she went to the Head of Household room after the house meeting.  Jozea indicates that she is still part of the alliance, but she is on a “need to know basis” and Bronte agrees and is very clear that she does not trust her.  It seems this means that the other female alliance (deemed the trio also known as the powerpuff girls) is broken up.  This alliance consisted of Natalie Negrotti, Bronte and Bridgette.  Natalie and Bronte are still in a duo, but they will need to bring some other members into their alliance (likely some of the guys) if they want to have a chance.

The episode came to an end with Frank and Jozea chatting.  Jozea is truly so delusional that he thinks he has even Frank and Da’Vonne on his side.  Frank is telling him that he needs to calm down when he sees people talking since it likely isn’t even about game.  Jozea assures Frank that he likely won’t be the replacement nominee at the Power of Veto ceremony, but little does he know that Frank won the roadkill competition and will be the person naming the nominee.  Per the live feeds at the time this article is being written, Bridgette has been nominated as the replacement nominee.  In an interesting twist, Jozea says that the newbies are no longer gunning for the vets, except for Nicole since she put him on the block.

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