Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Wins Big Brother 2013?

WARNING! Major Big Brother spoilers ahead about Wednesday night’s live finale show! Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

* UPDATE: The Big Brother 15 winner has been officially revealed! Click here to find out who won and who was voted America’s Favorite Player. Because the rest of this post is a moot point now!

We won’t know for absolute certain who won Big Brother 15 until the final Jury votes are counted Wednesday night. However,  we have decided to go ahead and make our final prediction right now based on the results so far in the final Head of Household Competition. Of course, until we know who won the very last round of the final HoH challenge, any prediction we can make is going to be a bit of a shot in the dark. Still, we feel strongly about who wins Big Brother 2013 based on the scenarios of which two HouseGuests end up in the final two.


From the final three HouseGuests still standing going into the Big Brother 15 finale Wednesday night, we think there are only two who are serious contenders for the win. There are three different possible combinations of final two scenarios to consider but only two we think could actually happen. Let’s break it all down before we give you our final prediction on who will win Big Brother 15 based on what we know right now.


From Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, we know that GinaMarie Zimmerman won the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. We also know that Andy Herren won the second round, leaving Spencer Clawson as the odd man out dependent on whomever wins the third round to take him to the end. In the live finale Wednesday night, Andy and GinaMarie will compete in the final round of the last HoH Competition. The winner will get to choose which of the other two HouseGuests they will take to the final two to face the Jury vote.

Right now on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Andy and GinaMarie have both been promising Spencer they will take him to the final two. (Although Andy has been a bit more hesitant to promise Spencer than GM.) They have also been promising each other the same thing very adamantly. We really don’t know who is lying and who is telling the truth. Let’s evaluate the three possible combinations, the two we think are most likely, and our pick for the winner based on those outcomes.

Andy vs. GinaMarie

We think this is the LEAST likely scenario to actually happen. Both Andy and GinaMarie have to at least have brains enough to know that Spencer is the far wiser choice to take to the final two Jury vote. Despite all the promises they have been making to each other about going to the final two together, it would be a very bad idea for either of them to do this.

Andy has pissed off enough Jury members that GM could beat him in a bitter Jury vote. GM, however, hasn’t played as hard as Andy and she didn’t form close ties to a lot of Jury members like Andy did. So if the Jury votes out of game play respect or out of a grudging vote for a friend who backstabbed them — she could lose. IF it did come down to Andy versus GinaMarie for some crazy reason, we’d have to give this one to Andy. We think this Jury would give the win to the person they think played the game the best and that is definitely Andy — even if he was a backstabbing, lying rat fink the whole time (that is, after all, part of the game).

GinaMarie vs. Spencer

GM is a scrappy competitor and we think she stands a very good chance of coming out on top in the final round of the last Head of Household Competition. Honestly, this matchup is riskier than it might look for Ginamarie though. She has played a weak game, she’s really pissed off several Jury members and failed to make close ties with many of the others. Judd and Elissa would probably vote for GinaMarie and we heard them in the Jury house footage saying so. We don’t think Amanda and Candice would vote for GM no matter what.

Aaryn would vote for GM and probably Helen as well — she really doesn’t like Spencer. We’re not sure about McCrae and Andy in this scenario, although we think McCrae might vote for Spencer. Andy has gotten very close to GM in the final three so we think, well, maybe he might go for her and her “honest” game. But he might not if he’s bitter about her not taking him to the final two. Jessie and Judd are question marks but probably would swing to GM just because she did work the game more than Spencer at least. So we think GM would scrape a win in this matchup.

Andy vs. Spencer

If Andy and Spencer go into the final two together, it would be criminal neglect for Spencer to win. All Spencer has done all season is sleep, say really disgusting things, and be a professional pawn floater. Whether you hate him or not, Andy has played the game every single day and managed at times to hover in three or more alliances at the same time while spying on and manipulating people in all of them. That is game play and for that, he definitely deserves to win against Spencer. We think the Jury won’t be able to deny this and will give him the overwhelming vote to win.

In the end, it’s all about who makes it to the final two. We think that will be either GinaMarie or Andy with Spencer riding their coattails. Spencer will end up with the second place 25k prize either way.

As for who wins Big Brother 15 and takes home the half million dollar prize. Well, we’re going to just take the plunge and call it for Andy. He knows more about how the game works than GM and is going to be better prepared for the final HoH challenge and the Jury questions.

We think it is more likely Andy will win the final HoH round than GinaMarie and when he does, we think he will take Spencer to the final two. Even with a bitter Jury, there is no denying he is the must better game player than GM and we think they will vote him to the win because of that no matter how they feel about him personally.

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