Big Brother 18: Outrage Over Corey Brooks Animal Cruelty Story!

We’ve heard houseguests admit to a lot of sordid things on the Big Brother Live Feeds over the years, and say a lot of really horrible racist, homophobic, and misogynistic things. The story we heard from Big Brother 18 cast member Corey Brooks last night, however, was something new and quite disturbing we hadn’t seen the likes of before.


Before Big Brother 18 even premiered, newbie houseguest Corey Brooks was already in hot water with some fans over homophobic comments made on social media in the past. He’s even continued to use the phrase “that’s gay” on the Big Brother Live Feeds about things he thinks are stupid or bad, even getting blasted by fellow HG Jozea Flores over it. He claims that’s just what “everyone” says back home in Dallas, TX and he’s not homophobic, even though he likes to remind the other players and Live Feeders he is “not gay” every other minute (prompting the #notgaycorey hashtag on Twitter).

Casual homophobic comments is one thing, but actually engaging in, or at least watching and laughing over a horrific act of illegal animal cruelty is quite another. That’s exactly what Corey Brooks admitted too last night while the houseguests were drinking and telling stories in the kitchen just after 11:00 PM BBT on the Live Feeds (rewind and watch yourself on cameras 1 & 2).

Corey was telling a “great” story about him and his frat brothers getting really trashed on Four Lokos. One of his friends “bought a goat and put it in their backyard—it was our baseball house” and then “he got some lighter fluid and sprayed it on it, and went and tried to light that motherf**ker on fire” and tried to light it on fire. Corey was laughing and grinning while telling the other houseguests the goat “was so scared, scared to death” while this was happening.

At first it sounds like Corey is just saying his friend was attempting to set fire to the live goat. Then one of the other houseguests asks “why would you try to light a goat” and Corey responds “we would, we” before switching to “he tried to light this motherf**ker on fire.”

Several of the other houseguests ask if Corey was trying to hold the guy back or prevent this from happening. Corey just got a sober look on his face like oh, maybe I shouldn’t have told that story, but doesn’t respond at first. Paul seems especially upset by Corey’s admission. He and several others comment how they wouldn’t have let “something like that go down.”

No longer laughing or smiling, Corey switches from it being a funny story he was participating in to being all about how his ‘friend’ was just really blackout wasted on Four Lokos. The conversation then basically died out to silence before the topic was abruptly switched to something else, although later Corey said: “If I get drunk, I fully expect my friends to do something stupid, or make me do something stupid. If they don’t, I’m not friends with them.”

Corey’s story of animal cruelty quickly went viral on social media, even prompting famous former Big Brother houseguest Evel Dick Donato to launch a huge tirade on Twitter over the incident.

Donato, along with a horde of fans, have demanded that CBS remove Corey from the Big Brother 18 house for participating in an illegal act of animal cruelty. He has also put out a call to other former houseguests to weigh in and ask CBS to remove Corey, and told his followers he has been working to get the story out to major media outlets like

Donato has even put out a slew of Twitter messages to various news channels in Dallas, to Corey’s alma mater Texas A&M University, and to producers of other versions of Big Brother asking if they would keep someone on the show that would laugh and joke about trying to burn a goat alive. As for the few fans trying to defend Corey by saying he didn’t actually openly admit to trying to light the animal on fire himself, other than that possible slip of the tongue, Evel Dick Donato had this response for them:

Update: Also last night, Corey Brooks said he should “beat the s**t out of “Nicole for pranking him with shaving cream. And then when he went after her to prank her back, he very forcefully grabbed her face and neck while shoving shaving cream in her face, eyes and mouth before she could shove him away. (He also said he almost “beat the s**t out of Paul” for being an a** after a competition.)

While we cannot post the Live Feeds video here, you can watch most of what happened in this post from Dick at Nite Big Brother 18.


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