Big Brother Rumors: Victor Arroyo to Compete on MTV’s The Challenge

Big Brother 18’s America’s Favorite Houseguest Victor Arroyo has had a very eventful year. First he turned his flirtmance with Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel into a real romance. Then he watched his form Big Brother bestie, Paul Abrahamian, lose Big Brother 19. He also appeared in Men’s Health magazine.

Big Brother-Victor Arroyo

Now it looks like Victor is rejoining the reality television world. A few weeks ago on his Instagram Live, Victor announced that he had a big announcement but couldn’t talk about it yet. Well Vevmo user PinkRose thinks she knows that secret: he will appear in the upcoming season of The Challenge.

This news comes as a shock because The Challenge usually only involves MTV stars. The show has former Real World, Road Rules, and Are You The One? former houseguests compete for prizes and glory. Last year, The Challenge had an athlete edition that involved former Challenge winners competing against professional athletes. Coming soon, the Challenge has a celebrity edition in the works with Challenge vets going against celebrities for bragging rights and money for charity.

Victor is rumored to be competing in a regular season of the series, which makes it even more weird that he’s the only non-MTV person. Reddit seems to believe that CBS worked out a deal with MTV, so that it would allow them to use MTV people in Celebrity Big Brother. This could mean our hopes for Celebrity Big Brother could come true. It could also mean more MTV people will appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Update 9/28/17 @ 4:16PM CST: The Amazing Race also begins fiming in New York this weekend. Therefore, there is a chance that the rumor is false and a mix up because both shows will begin filming in NYC at the same time. He could be appearing on The Amazing Race season 30 Instead.

Update 10/01/17 @10:17 CST: Now the rumor is that Mchelle Meyer, Natalie Negrotti, and Corey Brooks will be joining Victor on this season of The Challenge. The rumored theme is war and love, people who hooked up and also have a beef. We’ll do a longer post when more details come out.

What do you think of Victor possibly appearing on The Challenge season 31?

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