Big Brother 19 Finale-09/20/17-Recap: Did Josh or Paul win Big Brother?

The night we have been waiting for all season long is finally here…the finale night for Big Brother 19.  The final three houseguests are Paul Abrahamian , Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez.  We have waited for 92 days, let’s get down to business.

Big Brother 19 Winner


Although Paul has controlled the game and the majority of the houseguests all season long, any of the remaining houseguests have the same chance at winning the final Head of Household (HOH).  The final HOH winner will have the final advantage in the game with the ability to pick the houseguest that will join them in the final two.

Let’s pick up with part one of the final HOH competition in Big Brother 19.  This was an endurance competition where the houseguests must hold onto a life-size unicorn’s tail (aka a rope) while balancing on a teeter board.  Comically, the unicorns occasionally blows glittery unicorn dust from their backends right into the houseguests faces.  Anyone up for a glitter filled unicorn fart?

Big Brother 19 HOH Part One

Josh is the first to fall off his board after only 40 minutes into the competition.  Christmas, still healing from a broken foot earlier in the season, is holding on for dear life.  Even though her broken foot is killing her, she manages to hang on tight.  A newly added twist of the competition is that the unicorn’s tail continues to grow which adds length making it more difficult for the houseguests to hold on.

Eventually, Christmas falls off the back of the unicorn giving Paul the win in part one of the final HOH competition.  Paul is tearful as he realized he has just one competition left to secure his spot in the final two of Big Brother 19.  Christmas is distraught that she lost this round, but she is proud that she was able to hold on for as long as she did considering her injury.

Part two of the HOH competition was between Josh and Christmas as Paul automatically advances to part three.  Round two has a medieval theme and is called Knock’em Down.  A scroll appeared granting clues about which houseguests the player needs to align with for each question.  The player must knock down all of the other houseguests which do not properly answer the question on the scroll.  The player must use a make-shift slingshot to shoot at each houseguest they need to “knock down”.  The player to correctly answer each question with the fastest time wins each round.

Big Brother 19 HOH Part Two

Both Josh and Christmas realize the severity of this part of the competition as the loser is eliminated from the HOH competition.  The winner advances to the third round against Paul to compete for the final HOH in Big Brother 19.  Christmas finished with a time one hour and 39 minutes.  Josh finished with a time of one hour and 32 minutes.  With Josh’s win in part two, he will face off with Paul in the final round of the HOH.

Paul cam talks and shares that he feels as though if he makes final two, he has a better chance of beating Josh over Christmas.   During Christmas’ cam talks, she confides about how disappointed she is in herself for not winning the final HOH.  She manages to pick herself up some by realizing she stayed in the game with a broken foot where most houseguests would have left an gone home.  Josh cam talks and can’t believe he has made it all the way to the part three of the final HOH.  He also shares that he is uncertain if he will take Paul or Christmas with him to the final two if he wins the HOH.  Seriously Josh? Seriously!

Dr. Will gets together with the evicted houseguests to talk about the season with the annual round table.  Juror 8 is revealed as Kevin Schlehuber to no surprise to the other jury members.  All in all, the jurors are bitter, as they are each year in Big Brother.

Big Brother 19 Round Table

After discussing the pros and cons of the remaining three houseguests, the general consensus appears to be that Josh and Christmas did not do much to earn the title as Big Brother 19 winner.  Although the jurors are upset with Paul’s “bad” gameplay, he may just have the numbers to win if he makes final two.  (Important to note:  Raven Walton and Kevin are the two jurors with the least amount of salt when it comes to Paul, but all of the jurors admitted they were manipulated or lied to by Paul at some point in the game.)

Part three of the final HOH competition is on traditional Scales Just Us.  This competition tests how well the players know all of the houseguests.  With each question answered correctly, the scales are tipped in that player’s favor.  Once the scale is tipped completely, that player wins the final HOH and advances to final two.  That houseguest will then pick who they will take as the second final two player.

Big Brother 19 Scales of Just Us

After 6 questions and a score of 4-2, Josh won the final round of the HOH competition.  He must now decide if he wants to take Paul or Christmas to the final two with him.  If Josh takes Paul, he may have a much more difficult time defending himself and his gameplay as opposed to Christmas.

Josh decided to evict Christmas therefore he will take Paul with him to final two.  Josh told Christmas and Paul that he felt he had a better chance of winning Big Brother 19 sitting next to Paul as opposed to Christmas.  That is a question that will be answered by the Big Brother 19 jury very shortly.

During her tearful exit interview, Christmas told Julie Chen how proud she was of Josh on finally making a strategic game move instead of thinking with his heart.  Christmas thinks Josh made the best decision by choosing Paul for final two for Josh’s game.  Christmas also shared with Julie that she was proud herself on how far she went in the game.

The jury joined Julie on the Big Brother 19 stage to begin asking the final three questions to Paul and Josh before voting for the winner of Big Brother 19.  The jurors are introduced as Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Matt, Clines, Raven Walton, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, Kevin Schlehuber, and Christmas Abbott.  The jury members were not surprised Christmas was the final member of the jury.

Big Brother 19 Jury

Surprisingly, Josh revealed to the jury that he is a secret Big Brother super fan and has watched the show since he was 14 years old. Paul reacted with shock and awe after hearing Josh make that revelation.  The jury pressed Paul on his manipulative game play this season and his propensity to bully the houseguests.  Very interestingly, once Julie cut away to the commercial break, Josh tried to hold Paul’s hand which Paul immediately jerked away.  Apparently Paul is quite upset with Josh about the “super fan” revelation.  We will find out shortly what impact, if any, that had on the jury.

After the final three questions were asked to Josh and Paul, the jury members casted their vote for the winner of Big Brother 19.  Here are the votes for Big Brother 19.

Big Brother 19 Final Two

  • Christmas voted for Paul
  • Kevin voted for Paul
  • Alex voted for Josh
  • Raven vote for Paul
  • Jason voted for Josh
  • Matt voted for Paul
  • Mark vote for Josh
  • Elena voted for Josh
  • Cody voted for Josh


Josh said he did it for his family, and he said he could not have won Big Brother 19 without the help of Christmas and Paul.  Paul politely said he doesn’t understand how the jurors didn’t take into consideration his stats from the Big Brother 19 season.

Cody Nickson won America’s Favorite Player over the other two finalists, Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber.

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