Big Brother 19 Finale: And the Winner Is…

It is day 92 of the Big Brother 19 game. The houseguests entered the game over three months ago, sacrificing their summer for a chance at $500,000. We didn’t enter the game until 10 days later when the Big Brother Live Feeds officially began. Seventeen houseguests fought for their game life week after week.

Big Brother 19 Final 2-Paul Abrahamian and Josh martinez

Most of them fell victim to an expertly manipulated game played by Paul Abrahamian. Week after week Paul had a hand in all of the other 15 players’ evictions (he even had a hand in Megan Lowder’s decision to walk out of the Big Brother 19 game). Josh Martinez was right alongside Paul being his loyal puppet.

Then towards the end of the game, Josh began to play a better, more independent game. The 9 members of the Big Brother 19 jury all have some beef with the final two. Therefore going into this year’s finale, we had no clue what to expect and who would ultimately win the game.

So who won the Big Brother 19 crown? Read below to find out.



Christmas voted for Paul

Kevin voted for Paul

Alex voted for Josh

Raven voted for Paul

Jason voted for Josh

Matt voted for Paul

Mark voted for Josh

Elena voted for Josh

Cody voted for Josh

Josh is the winner of Big Brother 19!!!!

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