Who Will Win the Big Brother 20 Jury Battle Back (POLL)?

By: on August 29, 2018 |

Tomorrow night, the first four evictees compete for a chance to return to the Big Brother 20 game. We love Battle Backs because they bring excitement and adrenaline. We’re also particularly excited about this year’s Battle Back players, because they all have the potential to create some waves. All four evictees exited the house in […]

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Sneak Peek of the Jury Round Table [PHOTOS]

By: on September 24, 2014 |

Tonight the Big Brother 2014 jury decides who they believe deserves $500,000. Before any voting happens, the jurors must join together to discuss the game and the final three players. This round table discussion could alter some jurors’ minds, which may cost one of the players the Big Brother 16 winner title and money. Yesterday […]

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Big Brother 2014: Relive “Jury Fury” (VIDEOS)

By: on September 16, 2014 |

Sadly, since the eviction of Zach, Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole, and even Christine, the Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds have been struggling for entertainment. The Big Brother production team have tried to ensure that the fans are at least somewhat entertained. But a major complaint from the Big Brother 16 fans is that we like […]

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: The Jurors Return and Create Havoc (PHOTOS)

By: on September 11, 2014 |

On last night’s Big Brother 2014 episode, Julie announced that the jurors would return to the house this weekend. Many fans speculated that their return would be on Friday. Well you froot loop dingus, bet you didn’t see this coming, because the jurors returned to the Big Brother 16 house a day early. Continue reading […]

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Which Jury Member is Back in the Game?

By: on August 22, 2013 |

On Big Brother 15 tonight, the four Jury members so far had the chance to compete in an epic Head of Household endurance competition to determine which of them would come back into the game. In never-before-seen twist, the Jury members competed alongside the regular HouseGuests in a dual challenge with the chance to not only get back into the house but do it as the new Head of Household.

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Elissa Slater Threatens to Leave Show!

By: on August 16, 2013 |

Talk about sour grapes! Big Brother 15 cast member Elissa Slater, sister of infamous former show winner Rachel Reilly, has threatened to leave the show entirely if she is evicted this week. If the HouseGuests vote her out, Elissa has been saying on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds, she will skip the Jury House and go straight home.

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Big Brother 15 Twist: Evicted HouseGuest Will Return!

By: on August 15, 2013 |

On Big Brother tonight, host Julie Chen announced the latest twist for the 2013 season and it was a big one! After the live eviction and Head of Household Competition, Julie told viewers that one of the evicted Big Brother 15 cast members currently sequestered in the Jury House would be coming back into the game. So either Judd, Candice, the player evicted tonight or the player evicted next week will have another opportunity to win a half million dollars.

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