Big Brother 2014: Relive “Jury Fury” (VIDEOS)

Sadly, since the eviction of Zach, Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole, and even Christine, the Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds have been struggling for entertainment. The Big Brother production team have tried to ensure that the fans are at least somewhat entertained. But a major complaint from the Big Brother 16 fans is that we like the current jurors so much more than the final five houseguests. So Big Brother decided to grant our wishes by returning the jurors to the house for a couple of hours.

BB16-Jurors Comp

Not much from Big Brother 2014 trended on Sunday’s episode, but “Jury Fury” was trending world wide during it. Proving that, the fans are still quite fond of the jurors. To continue to bring joy to the Big Brother fans, CBS quickly uploaded some clips from the “Jury Fury” competition to their Big Brother page and YouTube.

One clip shows the final five players drafting their player picks for the luxury competition, which includes the jurors’ Diary Room commentaries as well. The second clip shows the players learning about the luxury competition, and then the jurors surprising them and running through the house to trash it.

This was definitely a highlight episode from the Big Brother 16 season, because it brought some fun back into the house. A house that’s basically relying on BeatMode Cowboy’s crazy antics for entertainment, putting Cody in a Dino suit for it, and faking drama between BeastMode Princess and an undercover cop to secure it. Big Brother needed some less weird entertainment.