Big Brother 2014: Week 12 Photo Booth Frenzy [PHOTOS]

The Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds are currently down while they film for Big Brother After Dark, Tuesday’s eviction episode, the Head of Household Competition, and Veto contest. The Live Feeds won’t return until after Tuesday’s episode. Before the Big Brother 16 final five went black for the next 24 hours plus, they took some wacky photos together one last time.

Team America

Frankie is usually the first person to the Big Brother photo booth when it opens. So without him, we’ll see who showboats on the remaining photo sessions. As this is the last time the final five will get to take photos together, everyone made sure to get in on the action. Even Batman and Robin put their “dispute” behind them to reunite for some photos.

This photo session is also the last time Team America will be seen together. Frankie’s eviction leaves Derrick as the sole member of Team America left to complete the $50,000 mission. We also get some photos of the dynamic duo: Caleb and Cody. On their photos, they continue the same goofiness they’ve shown on the last couple weeks of Big Brother.

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