Big Brother 16 Live Recap: Week 9 HOH and Nominations!

Big Brother 16  continues tonight on CBS! Last week, several bombs dropped on the Big Brother fandom. The Houseguest largely viewed as America’s favorite, Zach, was evicted from the house by a unanimous vote. Then, juror Nicole re-entered the house by beating out the other three jurors.

Big Brother 16 Houseguest Nicole
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Nicole

Tonight, we will learn who won the Head of Household competition of week 9. This week, there will only be one Head of Household and no Battle of the Block.

After Nicole re-entered the house, she immediately started to click again with Donny, much to the chagrin of the other Houseguests. Christine was paranoid and terrified that Nicole would win HoH. If that happened, she would most likely nominated Christine as Christine was integral in her eviction.

The Head of Household competition was yet again NOT the endurance competition that the Big Brother fandom has been clamoring for. The Houseguests had to remember the exact day on which specific events happened. They then punched their plastic opponent until they reached the correct number. The last Houseguest to correctly answer in each round was eliminated.

Cody won the Head of Household competition! He, Caleb, and Derrick immediately began to bro-out and rejoice over the fact that they were all safe for another week.

Nicole approached Cody shortly after his HoH victory to see where his head was in terms of the overall game. Cody immediately told her that Donny was his target and he didn’t want anyone coming back into the house that would work with him.

In a surprise move, Donny woke up Cody in his sleep and started pitching to him that he should stay in the house to benefit his game. While Cody had mentioned earlier that he would “go off” on Donny, he chickened out just as he’s done many times before in this game.

Derrick told Donny straight up that he was Cody’s target. He did this in lieu of them still nominally being aligned in Team America with Frankie.

Cody once again disappointed the Big Brother fandom by not making a big move and playing it safe by nominating Donny and Nicole. Stay with us on Twitter @BigBroAccess and this site as we bring you the latest on all things Big Brother!


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