Top 5 Moments From Big Brother 23 Episode 8

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 featured the third Wildcard Competition of the season and block nominations for the new Head of Household. Xavier Prather was in quite a situation as he was aligned with almost every Big Brother 23 houseguest. This could potentially put a huge target on his back if he nominated an ally for eviction this week.

Big Brother 23 Britini Wildcard Comp

Tonight’s Wildcard Competition offered the winner an opportunity for safety but with a hefty price tag. Will the winner choose safety and shake up the Big Brother 23 game? We are bringing you the top five moments from Big Brother 23 episode 8 including the Wildcard winner and nomination for eviction in week three.

#5 New Alliance Named In The Big Brother 23 House

As you may recall in the last episode, the King and Queens got together and made a deal to keep one another safe going into week three. In addition to those teammates working together, Derek Xiao of the Aces is also a part of this group. Taking advantage of the names already given to the teams by Big Brother, they named their new alliance the Royal Flush…Kings, Queens, and an “Ace” up their sleeve. Get it? Royal Flush 🙂

#4 Brent Thinks He’s Too Good To Be Used As A Pawn

Xavier has been straightforward with his allies that Brent Champagne is his target this week in the Big Brother 23 house, but he doesn’t want Brent to know this quite yet. He is trying to keep Brent calm as long as he can. Xavier doesn’t want to deal with the drama that Brent will create.

Big Brother 23 Brent Champagne

Xavier approached Brent about the possibility of going on the block as a pawn. Brent refused, basically. He told Xavier was just too good to be used like that because he is too big of a threat in the Big Brother 23 house. Little does Brent know that the entire house is ready to send him packing.

#3 Xavier Has Limited Choices

Typically in the Big Brother house, the more allies you have, the better. But when there are only three people in the house you are not aligned with to nominate to the block, you better make sure they don’t win safety. That is exactly the position Xavier sees himself in this week.

Big Brother 23 Xavier Prather

Xavier has his allies with the Kings, and he has his Cookout alliance. Recently, Xavier joined the Royal Flush alliance. The only Big Brother 23 houseguests not in one of those groups are Britini D’Angelo, Whitney Williams, and Brent. Xavier wants Britini and Brent on the block as he feels Whitney on the block would be bad for his game. The Wildcard Competition may have something to say about that.

#2 Xavier’s Lucky 13 in Big Brother 23

This Wildcard Competition is called Unlucky 13 and the players are Britini, Derek X., and Tiffany Mitchell. Allies Xavier, Tiffany, and Derek X. agree that Tiffany would be the best option to win this competition. This would ensure that Xavier can nominate Britini and Brent to the block for eviction in the Big Brother 23 house.

Derek Xiao and Tiffany Mitchell Big Brother 23

As luck would have it, Tiffany won the Wildcard Competition. She was given the option of safety for the week, but a randomly selected member of the Aces and Jokers would also receive safety with her. Xavier and company couldn’t take the chance of Britini and/or Brent winning safety and ruining the nomination plans for the week. Tiffany declined the offer.

#1 Big Brother 23 Week Three-Block Nominations

After all of the stars aligned for Xavier and his alliances, Britini and Brent were nominated to the block for eviction this week in the Big Brother 23 house. Brent thinks he’s too good to be on the block, and Britini is there for the second week in a row. Needless to say, she’s gonna shed a bunch of tears…again. This should make for an interesting week inside the Big Brother 23 house.

Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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