Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Evel Dick Spawns Returning Vets Rumors

When it comes to Big Brother spoilers, we always take everything we hear with a huge truckload of salt. Especially when it comes from the mouth of Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato. We know he loves to get fans riled up, and throwing out random alleged Big Brother 17 spoilers is certainly one way to do that!

Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato (Twitter)
Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato (Twitter)

We find it hard to believe anything Evel Dick might say about the upcoming Big Brother 17 cast because we know he likes to screw with people. However, we feel it is our duty to report any Big Brother spoilers rumors actually coming from a former cast member.

So, when Evel Dick Donato posted an alleged Big Brother 2015 spoilers rumor about veterans being part of the upcoming Big Brother 17 cast, we felt obligated to share it. Whether or not there is any truth at all to what he posted is up for serious debate. But here you go:

Considering that host Julie Chen said last year that fans should not be looking for a Big Brother All Stars season any time soon, what could Evel Dick’s post potentially mean? If it is actually a rumor with any truth behind it?

Well, we’ve seem fan suggestions for years that CBS should put together some kind of ‘second chance’ show. Like a season made up of all contestants who were the first eliminated during their year. Take for example Jodi Rollins from Big Brother 14, who didn’t even get to spend one night in the house before she was sent packing.

The Big Brother cast for season 17 will be unveiled in just two weeks on the Big Brother Live Feeds, according to the info we received from CBS. So we’ll just have to wait and see if Evel Dick actually did have an inside scoop, or if he was just having a bit of fun with the fans.

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