Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Fan Yells Frankie Is The Saboteur Into Backyard

We had another break in Big Brother 16 security this weekend when fans once again managed to get close enough to the house to yell into the backyard. This time, the fans seemed determine to stir up the house by accusing one of the Big Brother 2014 cast of being a saboteur.

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Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

You can rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds to 6:35 PM BBT to catch the fan vocal invasion of the backyard. From the cameras, it is difficult to hear exactly what is being yelled. However, Cody and Caleb later tell Derrick that they heard someone yell “Frankie is the Saboteur!”

Not long ago, Frankie basically convinced the whole house that Zach was a Saboteur. Team America stole a bunch of stuff from the other Houseguests and Frankie used the opportunity to blame Zach for it and pretty much everything else weird that has happened in the house all season. So if we heard someone screaming that Frankie was the Saboteur, we’d be feeling very suspicious about now.

As the evening progressed, we also heard that there was something yelled about Christine and Frankie should not be trusted, and something about a cop — but apparently no one heard anything connecting “cop” to Derrick.

So far, it doesn’t look like this fan incident is going to change anything about Donny being the target for The Detonators to get out this week. Although the guys now seem to be a bit more wary of Frankie because of this incident, and Christine is “sh*tting her pants” according to Cody, it’s not enough for anyone to alter the plan to send Donny to Jury on Thursday night.

UPDATE: According to Evel Dick Donato, the person who yelled into the backyard was @BBTooms and the exactly statement was: “Frankie is the Saboteur. The Saboteur is Frankie. He’s lying to everyone and can’t be trusted. Christine is hated by America. Derrick, stop being the fun police, you’re not on duty.” However, only a small portion of this seems to actually have been heard by any of the Houseguests.


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