Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Donny Fails to Flip the House

There may be virtually no hope for Donny to survive this week on Big Brother 16, but he certainly has worked hard to try to flip the vote. We think he came up with a very smart idea to use this week’s Team America mission to save his own skin. Unfortunately, Derrick and Frankie were not going to change their minds about getting Donny out.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

This weekend, Team America learned their new mission was to come up with their own task and complete it. The viewers would then vote to decide whether or not the mission was a success. Donny immediately thought that this could be a chance to keep himself from going to Jury house this week. Excellent idea! He proposed a plan of having Team America save one of its own from the block, keeping him from getting evicted.

Sadly, Frankie and Derrick weren’t having any of this at all. They totally shut him down with every reason they could think of to make sure Donny stays the target this week. Frankie then proposed they put on a ‘Broadway play’ instead as the secret mission this week. A totally lame, pointless, boring mission instead of doing something exciting and rewarding the viewers by saving one of their obviously favorite Houseguests.

Donny tried to convince Frankie and Derrick that America would not be so pleased with two Team America members voting out the third. They pretended like they hope it won’t come to that on Thursday, even though both of them are neck deep in the plan to send Donny packing off to Jury. Production also apparently doesn’t like the stupid ‘play’ plan, as Derrick and Frankie discuss at one point.

The Team America secret mission ‘play’ almost didn’t even happen on Sunday when most of the Houseguests just didn’t want to participate. Production, however, intervened by forcing everyone inside around 9PM BBT with a sudden lockdown. So they didn’t have anything else better to do. Even so, it quickly fell apart and descended into just being a non-amusing mess that we don’t think should win anyone $5,000.


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