Big Brother 16 Recap: HoH, Nominations, and Luxury Comp 9/14/14

On Wednesday’s episode, the final five houseguests learned that this is a “groundhog” week on Big Brother 2014. This means that every competition will be replayed, but with the possibility of different results. Now everyone wants to get Frankie evicted to make this week count on Big Brother 16.

Houseguests in Horror

Julie announces that “Seed Saw” will be played again because of the BB Rewind. As Frankie runs by the other Bomb Squad members to get ready for the competition, he tells them to keep the nominations the same as last week. They shake their heads in agreement, but Derrick really wants to get him out this week.

When the Head of Household competition starts, Victoria does much better than last time, but then drops a seed and must start over. The competition is a lot easier for Caleb and Cody than it was originally. The strategies they learned from the first time really helps them. Frankie struggles with it more than last time because of the water being colder than the first time.

Frankie Grande

Eventually the competition becomes a race between Caleb and Cody. However, one of Cody’s seeds drops, and he must restart. Caleb beats Frankie with a three seed lead. He is the new Head of Household.

Victoria and Frankie immediately change out of their wet clothes. Meanwhile, Cody, Caleb, and Derrick celebrate Caleb’s victory. Frankie then starts to discuss with Derrick how him losing this week is a good thing because he can play in next week’s HoH competition. Derrick agrees but is really thinking about the plan to eliminate Frankie this week.

After the Head of Household competition, Cody reunites with his Dino suit.

Caleb and Frankie

Caleb tells Frankie that he doesn’t plan to keep the nominations the same this week. He will put up Victoria, but doesn’t want to nominate Cody for eviction again. This immediately worries Frankie.

Caleb tells Derrick that he doesn’t want to nominate Frankie until after the Veto competition. Caleb believes that being on the block will strike a fire in Frankie, which will ensure that he wins the Veto. If Frankie wins the Veto, he’ll take a shot at evicting Caleb next week. He then discusses the same thing with Cody, and mentions nominating Derrick and Victoria.

Caleb, Cody, and Derrick

Then Caleb, Derrick, and Cody discuss Caleb’s idea and fears about Frankie. Derrick tells Caleb that the problem with Frankie not going up now is that if he wins Veto, he could use it to save Victoria. This would guarantee that either Cody or Derrick is evicted this week.

The Big Brother screen informs the houseguests that a luxury competition will happen today, and to go to the HoH room. In the room, they’re greeted to a breakfast and a big screen TV. While they’re locked in the HoH room, the Big Brother jurors run into the house. They start messing it up by throwing stuff everywhere.

Zach and Nicole

The jurors gather in the backyard and read the competition rules for “Jury Fury.” For the luxury competition, one of the jurors will win $5,000. They have to search through the house for knock-out pucks. Then they must put them in the slot of the juror that they want to eliminate from the competition. The last juror standing wins. The houseguests also place bets on who they think will win. If their player wins, they’ll also win $5,000.

Jocasta and Caleb
Hayden and Victoria
Zach and Frankie
Donny and Derrick
Nicole and Cody

If Christine wins, none of the remaining houseguests win $5,000.

Jocasta eliminates Christine
Nicole eliminates Zach
Nicole eliminates Donny
Nicole eliminates Jocasta
Hayden eliminates Nicole (after making sure she’s okay with him eliminating her. They also kiss after the competition)

Nicole and Hayden

Hayden and Victoria each win $5,000. When the jurors learn that Victoria won the $5,000, they grunt in frustration. Then the jurors leave.

The remaining houseguests are frustrated with the mess that the jurors left for them to clean up. Victoria is the most angry about it, but that’s also because the jurors seemed most bitter about her making it to the final 5.

The Pawn

Frankie tries to convince Caleb to not nominate him, because it’ll give Derrick and Cody an advantage with evicting Caleb and Frankie. Caleb listens, but he still nominates Frankie and Victoria for eviction. Frankie is shocked and angry by Caleb’s decision, despite Caleb’s claims that Frankie is a pawn (he even takes out a pawn from Chess as part of his speech).