Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 9 Head of Household Results (08/22/19)

Many deals were made in the Big Brother 21 house in the last few days, so many so that we’re not sure where this week will land. Logically, if Holly Allen doesn’t win Head of Household, Jackson Michie and her should be this week’s biggest targets. They’re the only official duo left and Jackson has become a comp beat. Jackson used his reign of power to make many new allies and deals. If people are true to their words, Jackson and Holly should be protected unless Nick Maccarone or Tommy Bracco win Head of Household. Everyone else would keep the showmance safe.

Nick and Tommy have the opposite situation. With Christie Murphy staying in the game, and Analyse Talavera leaving it, this put Tommy and Nick at the bottom of the power structure. Many people would take a shot at one or both of them this week. This Head of Household is due or die for them (and still could be for Jackson and Holly if people decided to break their promises).

This week’s Head of Household started yesterday when Big Brother started to play bird sounds into the house. The houseguests had to memorize them. Christie and Tommy were performing the best, and as someone who performed well in the last memory competitions, Jessica Milagros was also one of the favorites to win.

So who won this week’s Big Brother Head of Household Competition?


********************************************************************************************************************************* *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Just kidding. It wasn’t really the Head of Household competition. Instead, the Head of Household competition a skill game.

Holly is the new HOH!

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