Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Sneak Peek of the Jury Round Table [PHOTOS]

Tonight the Big Brother 2014 jury decides who they believe deserves $500,000. Before any voting happens, the jurors must join together to discuss the game and the final three players. This round table discussion could alter some jurors’ minds, which may cost one of the players the Big Brother 16 winner title and money.

Jury Roundtable Sneak Peek 1

Yesterday we revealed that Dr. Will will once again host the Big Brother jury round table. At it, the jurors get to disclose any important information. They’ll also get an opportunity to hash out any problems that they had within the house. And it looks like one, or more, jurors might take this chance to address their problems with a social media mogul.

With the Dr. Will secret out of the bag, CBS decided to release some promo pictures of the jury round table discussion. The most noticeable thing about the pictures is how annoyed Frankie looks on most of them. His annoyed gaze looks like it’s directed towards the Caleb/Zach area. Another picture shows Caleb arguing with someone in the Frankie/Christine direction. We can probably safely assume that Caleb and Frankie’s friendship hasn’t completely repaired itself yet.

After Caleb worked to get Frankie out, we’d guess he’d be a little annoyed by it. Caleb leaving right after Frankie probably proves that his decision wasn’t good for either of their game. But the real Frankie-Caleb issues probably stems from Frankie saying he could sway the jurors any way he saw fit. If Caleb reveals this to the other jurors, this could be an awkward thing to discuss.

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These pictures hint that some major drama might occur during the finale. So make sure to tune into tonight’s Big Brother 2014 90 minute finale tonight at 8:30 PM CST/ 9:30 EST.