Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Dr. Will Returns to Host the Jury Round Table

Only one more day before the Big Brother 2014 finale. While Victoria, Cody, and Derrick try to make final moves to ensure that they win this season, the rest of us are anxiously waiting to see what secrets will be revealed during the finale. And of course we want to find out who will win it. It seems fairly obvious that Derrick has this win locked in, but the jurors can be an unpredictable bunch. So the jury round table may sway their decision, for better or worse, on Big Brother 16.


Last night in the Big Brother 2014 social media world, rumors started to surface that Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby would once again host the jury round table. He took to twitter today to confirm that he will be hosting it.

Arguably, Will is one of Big Brother‘s greatest winners and players. After appearing on Big Brother 7: All-Stars, he seemed to distance himself some from the show. However, when his Chilltown alliance partner, Mike “Boogie” Malin returned to the series on Big Brother 14, Will slowly started to reintegrate himself into the Big Brother world.

On Big Brother 15 he hosted the jury roundtable; he’s doing it again on tomorrow’s Big Brother 16 finale. The round table is when the jurors reunite to discuss each of the final three players’ game strategies. This section of the Big Brother finale is usually filmed a few days before the finale airs, which seemed to have taken place yesterday or over the weekend.

All season Zach channeled some elements of Dr. Will’s game into his own. Therefore, we know to expect some interesting exchanges between them. Will also tweeted some support for Zach earlier in the season, which has now been deleted. Uopenmyeyes, however, was one of the many Tumblr users to screencap the tweet before it was deleted. You can see it below.

Dr. Will's Zach Tweet

Are you happy to see Will return to host the jury round table on Big Brother 2014? And which juror are you most excited to see meet Dr. Will on Big Brother 16?