Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 6 Battle of the Block Results

The Big Brother spoilers for the week 6 Battle of the Block are in and it looks like we may have a new main target for eviction. We also have an amusing new set of punishment contests for two of the Houseguests that are quite… revealing.

Big Brother 2014 Cast - Caleb & Victoria (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 Cast – Caleb & Victoria (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

If you previously missed the Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers on the final Head of Household results and the Nomination Ceremony this week, let’s take a moment to catch up. After the CBS Big Brother show went off on Thursday night, we found out on the Live Feeds that Donny and Nicole won the HoH Competition.

They quickly agreed to loosely work together to determine nominations. After a lot of talk back and forth with their various allies, Donny put up Caleb and Victoria, and Nicole put up Zach and Jocasta.

At the Battle of the Block Competition on Friday, the Houseguests apparently played some kind of game involving dominoes. If they were willing to take punishments, they were able to move through the game faster. Based on the “Adam and Eve” (or Beast Mode Adam and Princess Eve) punishment costumes Caleb and Victoria ended up with, we guess they were more than willing to do so and they ended up winning.

So that means Donny was dethroned as HoH and is now no longer safe this week, although we doubt she is in any danger. Nicole remains HoH and is safe. As the winners of the BoB, Caleb and Victoria are also safe. As the losers of the comp, Zach and Jocasta are still in danger. This is especially bad news for Zach as he was pretty much the runner-up for getting evicted this week behind Caleb for most of the Houseguests involved in the nomination planning.

Also, it means for 24 hours that poor Victoria has to follow Caleb around like a dog on a leash. Even when he has to pee. Poor Victoria… Hope he doesn’t suddenly decide he has a crush on her like he did with Amber!

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