Big Brother 2014: How does the Hitmen Rate As A Legendary Alliance?

One eviction stands in the way of the Hitmen taking first and second place on Big Brother 2014. Derrick and Cody have developed this belief that their alliance ranks among the legendary alliances, like the Brigade, Renegades, and Quack Pack. It’s easy to laugh at Derrick and Cody’s claims of being one of the greatest alliances in Big Brother history. But does the Hitmen actually have a valid claim about their Big Brother 16 alliance?

The Hitmen 1

In our eyes, the greatest Big Brother alliances were Chilltown, the Four Horsemen, the Quack Pack, Angel and the Devil, the Sovereign 6, and the Donatos. Each of these alliances possessed certain traits and skills that made them a group or pair to fear. They were either great at keeping their alliance secret, competition beasts, unreasonably trusted one another, impeccable at devising schemes, or impossible for the viewers to not like. Therefore, we graded the Hitmen on their secretiveness, competitiveness, scheming abilities, trust with one another, and how much the fans responded positively towards them.

Secretiveness 7/10

To the audience, the Hitmen were as visible as Frankie’s extremely pink hair. Strictly episode viewers and Live Feed watchers both knew that Cody and Derrick were in an alliance, but the Big Brother 2014 houseguests seemed completely oblivious to this obvious fact. Many of the houseguests repeatedly mentioned feeling betrayed by Derrick blindsiding them with their eviction.

Almost everyone in Big Brother 2014 thought that they were Derrick’s number one. In reality only Cody and Victoria got that title. And this week Victoria learned that when placed against Cody, she doesn’t stand a chance as his number one ally.

Competitiveness 6.4/10

Tie Breaker: Cody and Derrick

The last few competitions have resulted in a Cody and Derrick domination. However, it’s always easier to win them with less people, especially when one of them is really bad at competitions, and others are not allowed to play in them. So it’s safe to say that Cody and Derrick’s competition capabilities lack. Nevertheless, they won enough to keep themselves safe, and to ensure that some of their more complicated plans succeeded.

Schemes and Plans Success 9/10

Minus a couple hiccups, Cody and Derrick pretty much got everything they wanted on Big Brother 2014. Or more accurately, Derrick got everything he wanted all season. In Cody’s defense, he probably came into Big Brother with no real strategy, so went with whatever Derrick wanted. Therefore, Derrick’s plan success is the same as Cody’s success.

Hitmen 2

Derrick had a target every week and basically got him or her out easily that week. Then he carefully shifted the blame to other players. The only person the Hitmen had trouble getting out was Donny. It took them several tries, but eventually they took out America’s Sweet Heart.

Likability 6/10

This is the area that the Hitmen severely lack. They were fairly popular within the Big Brother 16 house, but they both alienated viewers. Cody’s constant flirting with all the women, then easily working to evict them made fans not too happy with his behavior. To make matters worse, many viewers believed he crossed boundaries by allowing himself to be so close with Christine, a married woman. It may have been harmless flirting for him, but not to the fans.

Hitmen 3

People who only view Big Brother the TV show saw a very different Derrick than the one the feed watchers saw. Feed watchers saw a guy who sometimes used aggressive manipulation and scare tactics on the other houseguests. Derrick completely destroyed some players’ game relationships by feeding them lies, or convincing others that certain players were more dangerous than they really were. And let’s not forget how much fun Derrick sucked out of the entire season. This is a crime that the Big Brother fans may never forgive. We can forgive bad behavior, but we can’t forgive boringness.

We’re not criticizing any of Derrick and Cody’s behavior as wrong or right, because we get that Big Brother is a game and a social experiment. So how someone gets to the finals is completely up to them. And Derrick and Cody’s strategy worked very well for them in the game, but it definitely lost them some fan support outside the house.

Trustworthiness 7.9/10

Hitmen 4For most of the game Cody completely trusted in Derrick. We cannot say Derrick shared this trust. There were quite a few times when Cody wanted to make moves and decisions, but Derrick completely shut them down. Derrick’s game relied on complete control, so we wouldn’t expect anything less of him. By being loyal to Derrick, he began to trust Cody more and it became more of a partnership towards the end of the game.

The Hitmen are no Chilltown, or even the Brigade, but they’re definitely better than the Friendship, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the Exterminators. In a few years, they might actually rank in the top 20 alliances of all-time. Remember that not everyone loved Chilltown their first time on Big Brother.