Big Brother 2014: Week 13 Photo Booth-A Goodbye [PHOTOS]

The final three Big Brother 2014 houseguests did their last photo booth session a couple days ago. All Big Brother 16 season, the houseguests have gathered into it to take some crazy, fun, and shipping induced photos, much to the Big Brother fans’ excitement. Now Cody, Derrick, and Victoria entered into the photo booth to give the fans one last show for Big Brother 2014.

Week 13 Photobooth-Victoria and Derrick

The stars of these Big Brother 16 photos are the ones taken by Victoria and Derrick. The “family” alliance has been an odd pairing of sorts. An undercover cop and a self-proclaimed princess have secretly “worked” together to take out the other Big Brother 2014 houseguests. At least that’s the Victoria constructed narrative.

Now the duo seems ready to part ways as Derrick will choose Victoria’s arch-nemesis, Cody, as his final opponent at the Big Brother 2014 finale. Victoria and Derrick took a couple sets of pictures together, which capture the fun nature of their friendship.

The Hitmen only took one picture together, but they made sure to add some signature signs. Most of the pictures involve each finalist holding on to their keys, and then group pictures. It’s fun to see how the photo booth sessions evolved from endless picture grouping combinations to only a few.

Check out the last Big Brother 16 photo booth pictures below.

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