Who Was Evicted on Big Brother 18 Last Night? 7/8/2016

We were pretty sure who would be evicted on Big Brother 18 tonight before the live show kicked off, but there was always a chance for a last minute shakeup. The Big Brother Live Feeds have been full of houseguests waffling the past few days on who exactly would be the best of the eviction nominees to get the boot this week.

Big Brother 18 Recap 1

Well, truthfully, there were only two of the eviction nominees truly in danger of going home on Thursday night (or off to seclusion anyway): Tiffany Rousso and Victor Arroyo. While Victor has been the main target all week long ever since Paulie Calafiore won the Head of Household, Tiffany suddenly rose up quite strongly as a possible alternate eviction possibility over the last few days.

Although she was told by her 8-Pack alliance members to throw the Power of Veto Competition to make sure they would be able to put Victor up on the block as a replacement nominee, Tiffany instead decided she was too afraid of being backdoored herself not to compete. This pissed off her allies because if she had won and taken herself off the block, Paulie would not have been able to put up Victor as a replacement, and one of them might have ended up in danger instead since Victor would have had the power to rename a third nominee.

That lack of trust, along with Tiffany’s (I almost said Vanessa’s) increasing paranoia and wildly swinging emotions got under the skin of her alliance mates, especially Da’Vonne Rogers. Tiffany and Da’Vonne are not only members of the 8-Pack together, but also the all-girls Fatal Five alliance. Tiffany’s actions, however, had Da’Vonne and others starting to talk pretty loudly about how it might be a wise idea to get Tiffany out now while they had such an easy opportunity — and save Victor for a later eviction.

In the end, however, the splintering majority 8-Pack alliance and the rest of the house stuck with the original plan and decided to go for the backdoor as intended since Paulie won HoH. Victor ended up getting the boot despite all his attempts to flip the vote, and walked out of the Big Brother 18 house with a near unanimous vote against him.

Big Brother 18 Eviction Votes:

Bridgette votes to evict: Victor
Zakiyah votes to evict: Victor
Paul votes to evict: Bronte
Frank votes to evict: Victor
Da’Vonne votes to evict: Victor
Michelle votes to evict: Victor
Natalie votes to evict: Victor
James votes to evict: Victor
Corey votes to evict: Victor
Nicole votes to evict: Victor

Victor has been evicted and is the third houseguest to leave the show this season. But, of course, he could be returning in the future if he wins the Battle Back competition!

Big Brother 18 Recap 1

Tiffany, however, better watch out. Because she and veteran Frank Eudy are quickly becoming major targets for a lot of the other houseguests, and both of their days could be very numbered indeed.


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