Big Brother 18 Eviction Recap: Backdoor or a Blowout? 7/7/2016

We were hoping to see a shake up in who went home on Big Brother tonight in the third eviction of the season. While it wouldn’t be such a loss to see 8-Pack alliance target Victor Arroyo headed out the door, it would be a lot more fun and drama if a sudden vote flip blew out the big backdoor plan. Especially if it meant Tiffany Rousso, the near identical twin of paranoia and tears to sister Vanessa Rousso, might be the one who got blindsided and booted.

Big Brother Recap 2

Alas, even though the 8-Pack alliance is pretty much on the edge of complete implosion inside the house, spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds right before the live eviction show still had Victor as pretty much doomed to a possible unanimous vote out the door. Still, you never know what sort of crazy might happen in those last few hours while the cameras are down, so we are always eager for a hopeful bit of wild action popping up on the live show. Expect the unexpected, right?

When we last left our houseguests, Head of Household and Power of Veto winner Paulie Calafiore had just taken Paul Abrahamian off the block and replaced him with Victor. This was the next to last step in Paulie’s grand plan to backdoor Victor this week. All he needs now is the rest of the house to fall in line and vote against Victor at the live eviction as planned.

Problem is, things may not be all that simple with the majority house alliance starting to crumble, and some of them wondering if there might not be a better target to get out this week — namely, Tiffany Rousso. She’s so paranoid about being on the block, that she might kick her own butt right out the door.

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Paul is feeling bad that his buddy Victor is on the block and he’s safe, but that’s what had to happen to save his own skin. Victor isn’t ready to give up though. He’s going to make an effort to stay in the game, he’s not ready to go home. He says in Diary Room that if he is going to save himself, he needs to get the rest of Team Unicorn — Natalie, Bronte & James — together to swing their vote against Tiffany. They all swear they are right there with him.

Tiffany tries to tempt Bridgette and Bronte into some kind of ‘girl thing’ going on. In Diary Room, Tiffany says it’s good she has the 8-Pack but she doesn’t trust Frank, and she needs to line up some other allies. She tells the girls Frank is dangerous, especially as a competition beast, but please don’t tell him that.

Bridgette tells Frank that she’s afraid she is at the bottom of the totem pole he is building because he is great at this game. She tells him that Tiffany told her that she does not like Frank. However, she says she doesn’t think Tiffany would do that herself. Frank says Tiffany is trying to buddy up with them because she wants him out and if he had a choice, he’d vote Tiffany out. He says he wouldn’t say this stuff to Bridgette unless he trusted her like his little sister.

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Tiffany tells Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette that if she were to win Head of Household, she’d never put any of the girls up. James interrupts them but then leaves and goes up to the HoH room. He tells Paulie, Corey and Frank that Tiffany, Bronte and Natalie are always huddled up and whenever he goes in they stop talking. James says Tiffany is just like her sister Vanessa with her side alliances and then sniping people. They talk about maybe they should get Tiffany out instead of Victor.

Frank wants to tell Paulie about the 8-Pack alliance and sort of bring him into the fold. Nicole says in Diary Room that if Frank wants to do something, you pretty much just have to go along or he’ll steamroll right over you. So Frank and Corey tell Paulie about the formation of the 8-Pack and that it happened while he wasn’t in the room. But it’s no big deal because it was just because he wasn’t there at the time.

Big Brother 18 Recap 1

Frank tells Da’Vonne that he told Paulie about the 8-Pack and he’s not pissed off or mad or anything. She says in Diary Room that Frank did that just to cover his own a** and now she’s thinking that maybe she needs to keep Tiffany in the house to be the ‘cat’ to get the ‘rat’ that is Frank.

After telling Da’Vonne, Frank told Zakiyah about Paulie as well. He says to just laugh it off if Paulie talks about it like it’s not really a big deal. We flip to FINALLY seeing a tiny big of Paulie and Zakiyah holding hands and snuggling in bed talking about the 8-Pack reveal and who they can really trust in the game.

Big Brother Recap 2

Zakiyah tells Nicole and Da’Vonne that Paulie trusts them all and Corey. Da’Vonne in Diary Room is not feeling this because she thinks Zakiyah just wants Paulie because she thinks he is cute, and Nicole wants Corey because she thinks he is cute, and that leaves her as the fifth wheel!

Da’Vonne she goes and tells James that Paulie wants a Final Five with them without Frank or James. She’s like ‘what the f**k!’ James says it’s everybody for themselves now. Da’Vonne cries and is very upset that everything is falling apart. James tells Da’Vonne that he thinks the two of them are the only ones truly being honest with each other.

It’s now time for the live vote and eviction!

Big Brother 18 Recap 1

Big Brother 18 Eviction Votes:

Bridgette votes to evict: Victor
Zakiyah votes to evict: Victor
Paul votes to evict: Bronte
Frank votes to evict: Victor
Da’Vonne votes to evict: Victor
Michelle votes to evict: Victor
Natalie votes to evict: Victor
James votes to evict: Victor
Corey votes to evict: Victor
Nicole votes to evict: Victor

Victor has been evicted and is the third houseguest to leave the show this season. But, of course, he could be returning in the future if he wins the Battle Back competition!

Big Brother 18 Recap 1

In his exit interview, Victor tells Julie Chen that he felt like a sitting duck in the house, him and Paul. Victor says he thinks Paul is the one vote to keep him because Paul is his boy. He says he tried to talk to everyone. Julie said yes he did talk, he told everyone all his secrets! She asks him if he thinks maybe he shouldn’t have been so loose with his lips? He says well, maybe, since he’s out here. But he thinks even if he’d tried to keep secrets it still would have gone the same way. He says if he got the chance to play again, he would still try to play an honest game, but he’d maybe pick his alliance differently — even though he still did love Jozea.

Big Brother Recap 2

Natalie says in her goodbye message that it was nice to get to know him but she hopes he has learned to be nicer to people, especially women. Bronte says Victor’s social game was just a bit off, but she hopes to see him on the other side. Paulie says he’s sorry but he hopes they can hook up after the show. Paul says he is pretty sure he is next and they blew it, but he’ll see him on the flip side.

Julie then drops the bomb that there is another twist in the game. If he wins the Battle Back competition between the first five evicted houseguests, he can get back in the house and try to win that half million dollars.

Time for the Head of Household Competition. This challenge is called ‘Kiss My Ace’ and it’s a tennis themed competition. The teams will compete against each other and serve balls into a tennis court and try to get them into slots with the highest points values. In each round, the person with the lowest point value will be eliminated from the competition.

Round 1: Bronte is eliminated
Round 2: Michelle is eliminated
Round 3: Nicole and Da’Vonne are both eliminated
Round 4: James is eliminated
Round 5: Frank is eliminated
Round 6: Corey is eliminated
Round 7: Zakiyah is eliminated
Round 8: Tiffany is eliminated, Freakazoids are all out
Round 9: Natalie is out, Team Unicorn are all out
Round 10: Paul is out, Bridgette has won Head of Household! Team Category 4 are all safe!

Tune in Sunday to see who Bridgette nominates for eviction, and who will win the Roadkill Competition and put up the third nominee!


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