Big Brother 2014: Who Will Win Big Brother 16?

Tonight either Derrick, Victoria, or Cody will win the Big Brother 2014 crown. One of these three players will join Big Brother legends like Will Kirby, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Dan Gheesling, and Rachel Reilly in the Big Brother winners’ hall of fame. The Big Brother 16 journey has been a long one for everyone involved. Now all the players’ hard work comes to an end. After 97 Big Brother 2014 days, one person will emerge as the winner. But will it be the best game player?

Big Brother Final 3

After 16 seasons, how the Big Brother jury votes is still hard to predict. A number of factors goes into their decisions. For example, the jurors could vote based on their emotions (e.g voting for the person they like the most, instead of the best player), or they could vote based on game play. No matter what edited package we see, a lot can change from the first time the jurors enter the jury house and when they’re standing in front of the final two players.

Also the final speeches could sway a vote or nine. It doesn’t happen often but they could alter the Big Brother 2014 jurors’ final decisions. So though Derrick seems like the clear winner of the season, Cody or Victoria could change some voters’ mind if they’re hiding some secret debate skills. We know many of you Big Brother fans are laughing at this idea, but it could happen…

In all honesty, we find it very hard to see any scenerio where Derrick doesn’t take home the cash prize with an overwhelming amount of votes. He could even get an unanimous vote as the winner, which would make sense considering the season’s pattern. But Caleb’s game integrity makes us believe that he may vote against Derrick, just for being disloyal and not winning enough competitions. So here is how we think the votes will fall in the Big Brother 2014 finale.

Jocasta votes for Derrick to win
Hayden votes for Derrick to win
Zach votes for Derrick to win
Donny votes for Derrick to win
Nicole votes for Derrick to win
Christine votes for Derrick to win
Frankie votes for Derrick to win
Caleb votes for Cody to win (but he could flip to Derrick)
Victoria (or Cody) votes for Derrick to win

Derrick wins either by a 9-0 vote, or a 8-1 one.