Big Brother 2014: Will Caleb Vote for Victoria to Win Over Derrick?

Wednesday Caleb left the Big Brother 2014 house. The Live Eviction audience gave him a reception opposite of Christine’s one; he was cheered and applaud like a superstar. Caleb rode high on his fans’ support. Underneath it, he did retain some animosity towards The Hitmen for their blindside. So much so that he could vote to crown Victoria the winner on the Big Brother 16 finale.

Big Brother Caleb

In Caleb’s post-eviction interview with Jeff Schroeder, he revealed that the Bomb Squad originally agreed to vote Victoria the winner of this season of Big Brother against anyone sitting next to her, as a way to get revenge on whoever brought her to the final 2. They’d vote as a bitter jury. However, Jeff told Caleb to really think about his decision before he picked Victoria as the winner of Big Brother 2014. He said that there might be things that Caleb hears in the round table discussion that could sway his vote to another side.

Interestingly, Derrick probably masterminded this decision to vote Victoria as the winner over anyone else in the final 2. He probably planted an idea in everyone’s head that if they brought Victoria to the end, they’d lose the jury’s votes. Derrick possibly created this plan to ensure that no one betrayed him by taking her to the end over him. Strangely Derrick could actually be the player to take Victoria to the end. So he might lose some votes from that decision, but we doubt they’ll be enough for Victoria to win Big Brother 2014.

Caleb also revealed that between Derrick and Cody, he’d give his vote to Cody, because he’s a better physical competitor. Therefore, Derrick’s win against Cody might not be a straight 9-0 vote.

Do you think other Big Brother 2014 jurors will vote bitterly if Derrick takes Victoria to the end over Cody?