Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Part 1 of Final HoH Comp Begins Recap

Frankie and Caleb left the Big Brother 2014 house on Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes. This left Victoria, Cody, and Derrick as the final three contestants on Big Brother 16. Tonight they began the battle for the final Head of Household title. The winner of this HoH gets all the power by getting to cast the final vote to evict.

Final HOH Comp pt 1

This episode of Big Brother 2014 also acted as a recap show. We looked back on some of the moments that made Big Brother 16 special, for better or worse. It also included some scenes that were unaired by CBS prior to this episode.

Derrick tells the Diary Room that he feels pretty secure about his possibilities of making it to the final 2. He has his biggest ally (Cody), and his best friend (Victoria) with him. Derrick separately reassures Cody and Victoria that they’re his number one ally in the game. He calls Victoria and his alliance the “brother and sister” one. She says it’s the family alliance.

Later, Big Brother organizes a special breakfast for the houseguests to “remember” the good old times. They start by recapping the Bomb Squad formation, then shift to Devin’s insane antics, including adding Amber and Christine to the Bomb Squad without consulting any other members. Then Cody and Derrick discuss how the Bomb Squad brought them together as the Hitmen. Flashback to how the Hitmen decided on their name.

The destructive Devin edit continues with a look at his house meeting to apologize for accusing Donny of lying about his identity. Later, Donny, “fear the beard” himself, gets a segment about all the times he spent alone in the house due to the odd sleeping patterns of the other houseguests. This part includes some never before aired scenes of Donny, including him talking to himself.

CBS also made sure to remind viewers how genuine and sweet Donny was as a player by showing his various Big Brother relationships and moments. One of them was when he used the Veto to save Jocasta when she suffered from heat exhaustion.

The houseguests talk about how much of a fighter Nicole is, and an unaired scene of her giving Zach a wedgie shows. But then it’s coupled with Nicole’s fear of the BB Zombies. Of course, CBS cannot talk about Nicole without mentioning her showmance with Hayden. Plenty of cute Hayden and Nicole moments, including when he proposed to her and she tossed his ring.

Speaking of showmances, the houseguests bring up Caleb’s crush on Amber and how she didn’t reciprocate it. Later the Caleb discussion shifts to his Big Brother ninja antics. One of the biggest Caleb moments of the season was when he threw the Battle of the Block to try to take out Frankie.

As viewers know, after the BoB, Frankie decided to do his big Ariana Grande reveal. CBS pairs this with Zach’s complete disgust about Frankie’s lies and how his being on the show automatically hurts the other players. Their little reality fame cannot compete with a pop star’s brother.

The Zach and Frankie “showmance” has been a big part of Big Brother 16. So CBS makes sure to show the ups and downs of it. They show the Zankie fall out because of all Frankie’s lies. Later the houseguest remember all of Zach’s crazy antics, including him interrupting Veto meetings to give crazy speeches. Eventually the houseguests talk about the Neighborhood Watch and how everyone thought Zach was behind it.

Finally Big Brother shows some scenes of Izzy, the dog that briefly visited the Big Brother house. They voted to evict her from the house.

At the end of the episode, part one of the final Head of Household competition begins. Players must hold on hang gliders on the “Flying High or Bye Bye” competition. The person to stay on the hang glider longest wins the first part of the final HoH competition. You can tune into the final of Big Brother 2014 to find out who won it, or read our full recap here.