Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Eviction & POV Results Recap

Last night’s Big Brother 2014 episode brought the end of the Grande game play by Frankie. His eviction wasn’t that shocking for viewers or Frankie, but it provided for some entertainment. However, tonight’s Big Brother 16 episode may contain the only true blindside of the season. The Hitman have a new target: BeastMode Cowboy. When he follows Frankie out the door, Caleb may be regretting his decision to get out him before the final four.

BB-Julie Before Final 3

Earlier, we reported Derrick’s nominations, and who won the biggest Power of Veto of Big Brother 2014. These developments seem to put the Hitman right on track for the final two. Caleb seems completely unaware that he’s about to get voted out by Cody. This would make Caleb’s eviction the first blindside of the season.

Cody had a chance to get Caleb out at the beginning of the season, but he took the easy road and got Brittany out instead. Cody has made many safe choices this season. And as uneventful they have made Big Brother 16, they have worked in Cody’s favor because he’s in the final 3.

So will Cody finally take out Caleb on Big Brother 2014?

Frankie's Threats

Before eviction, Frankie learns that he’s the next target. Instead of gracefully accepting his defeat, he tells the guys that he will turn the jurors against them. He will also use his social media platform to turn people against them. This sets off Caleb and Cody. The men begin arguing with him a bit. Caleb gets really upset about how Frankie believes he has so much power, but really does not have it. Cody even  tells him that he’s not jesus.

Big Brother decides to play a “holla” from Derrick’s daughter Tenley and his wife Jana.

Later, Derrick starts to work on securing that his nominations doesn’t anger any of the other three final players. He tells Victoria that she must go up to keep up appearances about their feud. Then he lets Cody decide if he’s going up for eviction or not. Cody decides not to go up. Lastly, Derrick must convince Caleb to volunteer to go on the block. His plan works perfectly.

Derrick's Nominations

Derrick nominates Caleb and Victoria for eviction.

Big Brother introduces the world to Caleb’s parents. They discuss his personality and his eccentric stories. His dad, Paul, says that there is some truth to almost all of them, except the one about him raising dogs from Argentina. Caleb’s mom also says that his loyalty is his biggest game fault.

The “Stalking the Veto,” Power of Veto competition is another cross promotion for a CBS show, Stalker. For this competition, players must try to match pictures of evicted houseguests with the clues that correspond to them. Some of the clues may apply to more than one houseguest, but they must ensure that the houseguests’ pictures form a specific web. The first person to correctly place all the pictures, wins the last Power of Veto of Big Brother 2014.

Stalker Board

Derrick decides to throw this competition to spare himself some blood. Victoria and Caleb completely tank it, which leaves Cody as the only person with a real chance of winning it. Cody wins the Veto.

Of course by Cody winning it, he cannot use it. Therefore, he has the sole eviction vote. Completely blind to what’s about to happen, Caleb celebrates with Derrick and Cody about the Veto win. He thinks this secures Victoria’s eviction. But the real target is Caleb.

Cody Evicts Caleb

During the final speeches, Caleb takes the time to mention god, his family, and the troops. Cody then gets up to cast his vote. He goes into a long speech where he tells Victoria and Caleb about The Hitman. Cody says that throughout the season, Derrick and him have been working as a team to make decisions. They made their alliance on Day 2 and he must stay loyal to that. He also says that getting rid of Caleb is his safest way to make the final 2 with Derrick. He votes to evict Caleb.

Caleb leaves to a lot of cheers, and some of the crowd even chants his name. Julie asks Caleb about being so loyal, was that his downfall? He says that he’s never been the brightest crayon, and Julie says at least he’s in the box. Caleb also says that he feels most betrayed by Derrick because he thought they had a special bond. His one regret is that he showed Frankie respect. He says that Frankie really showed his true self when he tried to threaten everyone the day of his eviction.

Caleb LEaves

The episode closes on the final three celebrating making it to the finals of Big Brother 16.